2014 NIAA Northern Region Semifinal Football, Carson vs. Reno

I mentioned to someone today that I’m seeing a fire in the belly of these boys that I’ve not seen during my previous six years shooting Carson High Football…

Carson has given up 19 points in FIVE games, all of which were first team offense (opponents) against second team defense… 7 against Douglas, 6 against McQueen and 6 against Reno tonight… October 17th was the last points the first team defense gave up points… against Manogue… They’re on a roll to say the least!

I felt before the game that tonight would be another lopsided score… a lot of nervous parents around, wondering if it would be a close game… NOPE!  Carson got off to a fast start and coasted to the Regional Championship next weekend against Reed.

Here are some photos from the night.

Carson's Asa Carter with the ball... not too sure much of that hand stuff going on is quite legal...
Carson’s Asa Carter with the ball… not too sure much of that hand stuff going on is quite legal…
Carson's Asa Carter headed to the end zone.
Carson’s Asa Carter headed to the end zone.
Here, let me help your head into the floor... YIKES!
Here, let me help your head into the floor… YIKES!
More Flying Bodies, Carson's Colby Brown
More Flying Bodies, Carson’s Colby Brown
Hey Ref, that would have been a GREAT shot!
Hey Ref, that would have been a GREAT shot! Dilyn Rooker with the catch… Really it’s there, just behind…
Carson's Asa Carter headed to the end zone.
Carson’s Asa Carter headed to the end zone.
Ikela Lewis with the sack.
Ikela Lewis with the sack.
Eddie got the ball off, bodies still flying!
Eddie got the ball off, bodies still flying!
Almost a sack by Carson's Brady Rivera
Almost a sack by Carson’s Brady Rivera
When you can't catch it, just make sure he can't either!  Carson's Corey Reid.
When you can’t catch it, just make sure he can’t either! Carson’s Corey Reid.
Touchdown Reno!
Touchdown Reno!

NIAA Northern Region Football First Round Playoffs, Carson vs. McQueen

Well… what can I say?  Carson showed up to play and went about their business tonight…  The fellas were talking on the sidelines about how many quarters it’s been since the starting defense has been scored on… Carson Varsity football has only given up 13 points in the last four games, all in the 4th quarter of games where they had a 42 point lead before they gave up the points with the first team defense on the sidelines.

Carson will host Reno and Reed will host Hug (who previously beat Reed…) next week in the Regional Semifinal games.

Here are a few photos from the evening.

Joe Nelson on the first drive, looking for his receivers downfield.

141114_4313 Asa Carter on his way to the end zone.141114_4317 McQueen didn’t get many long plays past the Carson Defense… this early pass play was probably their longest single yardage play of the game.  Carson closed it up after this one.141114_4320 I just like the dynamics of the driving legs in this one!141114_4335Colby Brown driving for every last inch!
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NIAA Soccer… Carson Vs. Douglas at Carson High

Just a few quick photos from some recent games… the galleries for Carson High Soccer and Douglas High Soccer are up to date… Also checkout our YouTube channel… just posted some clips from the Carson Douglas Boys Soccer game from Wednesday night… here’s an example…


Photos from the girls game…141028_3638 Of course it was going to be a battle… it’s Carson Douglas! 🙂141028_3654 141028_3688 141028_3662141028_3703141028_3690At the final whistle… the nail in the coffin… Douglas 2 Carson 0… now onto the playoffs for both teams.  Douglas will play at home and Carson will travel, both games Tuesday night.

2014 NIAA Northern Region Football, Carson vs. Galena @ Galena High

What can I say?  Carson ROLLED Galena tonight!  34-0… second shutout in as many weeks.  Carson made some big plays, stopped Galena when they needed to and rolled to an easy victory.

Here are some images from the night… instead of a 1, 2 punch how about a 10, 11 punch… Ian Schulz and Nolan Shine “flying” after the Galena Quarterback…


Love these shots where you can see the eyes and the intensity of where he’s looking!  Colby bowled himself a few more touchdowns tonight!141024_3257

I can remember two Galena plays the whole night, it also helps that they were both deep pass plays and I got both on “film”… 🙂  I’m not a football expert but that hand in the face looks like pretty good coverage to me… to come down with that one was tough.141024_3317

What in the heck is going on here… not trying to pick on you Connor… but where’d the ball go and what’s up with that leg… don’t know if that hurts to look at or what!?!?!?141024_3363

OK, some of you may have noticed that I had some dorky looking thing on my forehead… well, I tried something tonight and it’s too late or I’d start messing with it… but I’m hoping to have a Point of View (POV) time lapse of “a night shooting football”… not sure if it will come out but I had a GoPro strapped to my head tonight so it might give you a glimpse of what I’m looking at and shooting… more details to follow if it turns out to be something worthwhile. 🙂  Might even have some cool video from it… will have to take a look later… Thanks for taking a photo of me DJ!!IMG_2686

2014 NIAA Northern Region Football, Carson vs. Manogue @ Carson High

It’s always said that you want to pick a team for homecoming that you feel you can win, to make the night “better”… I don’t think that anyone at the stadium tonight would have predicted a 42-0 thrashing!

One thing was certain tonight, Carson was not going to loose.  The opening kickoff was nearly run back for a touchdown… I believe it was less that a minute into the game and Carson already had a touchdown and a successful extra point….  Then they sent out a defense that may have well been from Mars because it rendered the Manogue passing game completely useless… the Manogue QB was 1 for 11 in the first half…  This one’s going to be a tale of coaching in my book.  Coach Roman dug into his magic bag of goodies and stunned Manogue tonight… and the fellas executed.  Game over, NEXT! 🙂

Here are some images from the night.  Blowout games are tough to photograph… OK, here’s Carson scoring… next, oh, and here’s Carson scoring… next… OH, OH, and HERE’S Carson scorning… again… yawn… 😉  ANYWAY…

Wait, wait, WAIT!  I mentioned it was homecoming!  Congrats to the King, Fred Christensen and Queen, Abbey Dudley!


And the entire 2014 Homecoming Court!  Congrats to all of you!

141017_1682I took a chance tonight and went down to the end zone… and Colby Brown ran right at me… Thanks Coach! 🙂141017_1622Joe Nelson back for a pass…141017_1640Ikela Lewis recording a sack…141017_1995 Brady Rivera in flight… wish I could see that face… oh well…141017_2020

It sounds like we’ve not heard the last of this young man… Freshman QB Connor Noland at Manogue.  He did show poise tonight… in my opinion, he was just the victim of Coach Roman’s wicked smart coaching. 🙂


2014 NIAA Northern Region Football, Carson vs. Spanish Springs @ Carson

Just a few photos from the night… the game was… well I’ll steal a description from one of the TV fellas… sloppy.  Yes, one team “won”, if you can call it that… neither team ever grabbed the game by the face mask and took control… Ahhhhh, that’s high school sports! 🙂

Carson’s Asa Carter picks off a Spanish Springs pass.
Spanish Springs Tight End Jacob White turns up the field to try to gain some yardage against Carson.
Carson’s Logan Menzel celebrating his sack during the game!
Carson’s Tyler Rogers disrupting a Spanish Springs pass play.
Carson’s Nolan Shine on one of his many “keepers” during the game. The Carson O-Line made several holes for Nolan during the game, including a long TD run.
Despite heavy pressure from the Carson D-Line, Spanish Springs QB Jase Ryals fights to make a pass.

2014 Carson High Football vs. Clayton Valley @ The Honor Bowl, Loomis, CA

I mentioned to one of the parents of one of the fellas yesterday in the grocery store that I hoped, even though they took a pretty big loss on Saturday evening in Loomis, that they will remember that “event”, the experience, for a long time… I’m sure some will… I know I will.

My day started out with the CHS Varsity Volleyball team up at the Kings Canyon waterfall… and ended with arriving at home at 2:00 am with the Nevada Appeal delivery person dropping our copy of the paper with my photos from a game in Loomis, CA inside, what a surreal thing… 🙂  Crazy how that happens!

I’d first like to make a huge shout out to the Carson High Football Boosters for their efforts to make this trip as comfortable as I think it could possibly be.  They chartered four buses so we didn’t have to ride school buses!!  That’s the life fellas! And pizza for the fellas after the game on the bus!!  Be sure to thank the boosters when you see them!

Hind sight will always be much clearer and I hope at the end of the season we can look back at this game and see that it was pivotal in the success of the 2014 season, I know that’s a hard pill to swallow after licking wounds of a big loss but I think you have to keep games like this in perspective.  Clayton Valley has a great football program.  Playing someone like that exposes where you are as team on that night; it does not define you as a team the first game of the season.  As I’ve come to know how Coach Roman and his staff work, I know there will be valuable lessons taken from this game, I’m excited about this season!

This event is the first leg of The Honor Bowl put on by The Honor Group (http://thehonorgroup.org) (there’s a second weekend in So. Cal this week).  They are dedicated to helping America’s wounded warriors.  At one end of the field they had military vehicles on display and before each game they honored several military veterans who have been wounded in defending our country, very cool event to help our nation’s heroes!

photo 2

On to the game!

I’m still trying for that helmet popping off shot, I got an earlier one of this series but it’s still not quite “the shot”… The kid wrapped up in the middle of this Senator sandwich is Mr. Harrison, he put up some impressive stats Saturday evening… but he didn’t always have free running space.140830_0045


This shot makes me remember back to the basketball game where Brady was wearing his Superman cape and throwing his punches at the crowd.  Can’t tell it’s really Brady so I added the follow on shot…140830_0054 Yes, he did make the sack!140830_0057


This was one of the things that I’ll take a way from the game… it seems very simple but I’ve not seen a team execute it quite as well as Clayton Valley.  For obvious reasons Colby was going to be a marked man but even when the Clayton Valley kids were down on the ground they were still working to try to grab feet or anything they could to try to trip up the runners, and it happened on multiple occasions and saved them some potential loss of yardage.140830_0073

Fumble! Carson recovery!  The ball did bounce the Senator way too!
140830_0081 Clayton Valley didn’t throw the ball very much, they have a fierce ground game and a big line to do it behind… here’s the one first half pass/reception, right on the money through good coverage….140830_0086

Just like this shot, bodies flying are always fun!140830_0123

Elijah had some good success running the ball… I’m guessing game footage of this game will put a damper of that for the balance of the season but I’d guess Coach Roman has more up his sleeve! 🙂140830_0096 140830_0153A shout out to Joe Nelson!  If you follow Carson High Baseball you know who Joe is… if not, well, now you’ve seen him on the football field!  He’s headed to Australia for an honor he picked up playing baseball over the winter break and if you ask me, he showed a lot of poise and composure against Clayton Valley.  Neither Carson quarterbacks Saturday night had seen many reps in varsity action so to have moved the ball as well as they did… I think we’re going to see some great stuff from them this year.140830_0151

Mr. Colby Brown headed to the end zone!  As you may remember Colby didn’t see a single snap from the field for the 2013 season due to an injury… he’s back!  He looks health, strong and back to his defense carving ways!  Welcome back Colby and congratulations on earning the Carson High MVP for the game!

Colby and Brady were recognized for their play in this game… Here they’re signing 20 footballs that will go to the sponsors of this event.140830_0211


2014 Carson Douglas Baseball…

Rivalry games are always entertaining… Darrell called the second of the two games “chippy”… to say the least…I don’t like to be too cliché-ish… but last night, the second of the two games, was very surreal to me…  As many know, I was a soccer player… and while I’m learning, the small idiosyncrasies of baseball still fascinate me…. I explained what happened last night to my dad as the type of thing that Disney puts into a animated movie for parents and kids never understand or in some cases even see them until they’re older…. it’s an atmosphere that I can just try to soak in all the new knowledge of the game….

In case you missed it… here’s 4 ½ innings in under two minutes, the GoPro battery didn’t make it the whole game… 🙂

I also shot stills… not a lot, but some… Here are a few from the night… and I’ll tell you right now, it’s my blog and I’m gonna get a little sentimental here today…. 🙂

It was Senior night Wednesday at Douglas and Thursday at Carson (see Ron’s Photos for the DHS Senior Night Photos…).  Most of these guys don’t know this but I first started shooting these fellas back in 2007… (you don’t believe me… how about Danny Guthrie 2007, Carson American… here… and there’s more on the site… Hey, Jace, TJ’s trying to copy your hair style from 2007… here ) 🙂  To say it’s been journey, is an understatement.  I wish you all the very very best.
140508_7361This photo… I just liked the way this one turned out… kind of a gritty-ness to it… love that the trees in the back have all filled out, helps those backgrounds.  … and I also want to give a special shout out to Dustin… Dustin, in my mind, you’re THE team guy this year.  You were always encouraging your team, cheering, you’re fun to be around in the dugout, and even though you played an important roll on the mound, your persona in the dugout will be what I will always remember about you, it’s a very important part of a team… thank you for that!  I know you felt you had a rough night last night… but that’s what a TEAM sport is about… your guys pulled it together and put one in the win column on a very special night for you fellas.140508_7385 When it’s Carson Douglas… Just KNOW that this guy is probably up to something… 🙂 140508_7402 The play that would send a Carson coach packing… if you want to see the entire play from where I was… it’s HERE…  Here are three shots… no way of seeing the plate from my angle… TJ was up to bat (leftie… thus why I’m where I am…)…140508_7425 140508_7427 The umpire felt strongly… apparently…140508_7437 uh oh… this can’t be good… 🙂 Guess not everyone shared the opinion of the umpire…140508_7439 … and I’m going to end kinda where I started above… with a walk down memory lane.  While the season isn’t quite over (playoffs start next Tuesday), a new face (to some…) has emerged in the last two games for Carson High.  I’ve known him for years… remember those photos from above, same stuff, different year… I know he’ll be a good sport about this… and I look forward to the next three years photographing him pitching for Carson High.  Welcome to Varsity Bryce!140508_7459Know this kid?  Carson City 9-10 All Star @ Governor’s Field during the 2009 Nevada District 1 All Star Tournament.NV1CCLL_090706_0439