2016 NIAA Northern Regional Championship Soccer, November 5, 2016

Damonte Ranch High School hosted the 2016 NIAA 4A Northern Regional Championship Soccer matches on this BEAUTIFUL Northern Nevada Fall day, WOW is about all I can say for the conditions!  I was chatting with Jay Beesemyer after the boys game how good the weather always seems to be for the Northern Region Championship games… we’re lucky! (watch, next year will be snowing… 🙂 )

I’m going to just flat out say it, MOST all of Northern Nevada missed great soccer games today… I unfortunately had to leave after the boys game but the boys game was hard fought as one would expect.  Galena eeked out the win 1-0 on a 7th minute free kick… SUPER tough angle for the goal keeper to judge and even see the ball with the sun and that was the lone goal, that one minor detail that has so many countless times been the deciding factor in a game where the teams are so closely matched.  Tough loss for Carson, great win for Galena who will for sure represent Northern Nevada well at the State Tournament next week in Vegas.

On to the photos… you’ll see very quickly the theme that jumped out at me… this was a battle…

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Carson High Athletics

Galena High Athletics

A very early celebration from a goal off a free kick… this would be the only goal of the match!GOAL!!! Galena High Soccer Carson High Soccer Galena High Soccer

A blocked shot on goal…
Blocked shot Galena High Soccer

They fought this PAST the end line of the field… yea, it was a little scary as they were coming right at me… 🙂
Challenge to the end, Carson High Soccer I guess technically speaking that’s not REALLY legal… but… 🙂Carson High Soccer, Peter Garrett Carson High Soccer, Peter Garrett Carson High Soccer, Peter Garrett

A CRACKING shot on goal, hit the football uprights and rang out pretty loud…Galena High Soccer Shot on Goal A contest for every ball, Galena High Soccer 161105_8507 161105_8524 Love the determination on his face!161105_8547 Jay Beesemyer with the coveted trophy!  Congrats Galena on a great season!  Go represent Northern Nevada at the State Tournament!Champions, Galena High Boys Soccer Champions, Galena High Boys Soccer

2016 Carson High Football vs. Galena, September 30, 2016, Homecoming!

League play has started and Carson got off the a great start against Galena… with less than four minutes off the clock Carson was up 14-0 and never looked back… They certainly came to play in front of a Homecoming crowd! They won 40-13 which puts them 1-0 in league, the next two games are on the road at Manogue and at Damonte (likely to be their Sierra League toughest opponent this season…).

These “first league games”/homecoming nights always have me reflecting back on the years I’ve been covering sports in the local area… I always tell the kids, every year, they’re always Freshman, Sophomores… yet I am getting older, “Freshman” don’t get older… but it’s nights like tonight that I can think back to days and games and tournaments where I first met some of these young “kids”… on the little league, softball, soccer and football fields of Carson City… I’ve seen a lot of their “life” unfold… then when I see them walking across the field with Mom or Dad in the Homecoming Court… it’s really an amazing journey we’ve been on!  The transformation from “little kids” to young adults and then when they return from college, yea, it’s making me feel older, but it’s really great to see them “grow up” and get out and do their “thing” in the world!

I want to give a little shout out to a good friend of mine… Brent Reinke… he’s a perfect example of what I just mentioned… Brent was a freshman in the yearbook class when I met him… Joey Bowers who was the “senior photographer” at the time brought Brent out to show him how to shoot football for the yearbook… Fast forward a lot of years… Brent drove the first car tonight for Capital Ford (where he now works…) in the Homecoming Court parade lap! I just saw him a few days ago at the dealership to catch up a bit but it was great to see him last night and catch up again… we spent a lot of good times at Carson High, some good laughs and a lot of photos were clicked in the process.  It’s those experiences that bring me back to the field… so many stories… 🙂

Here are some images from the night!

Homecoming Queen Elise Brady and King Danny Dudley

Homecoming King and Queen, Elise Brady and Danny Dudley

Besides the wind, it was a BEAUTIFUL evening! The silhouette of the mountains in the evening is my favorite time of the night, so beautiful!

The National Anthem, Carson High School

No one has nicknamed Abel Carter… how about “The Steamroller”… we need something… the more I look at this photo it says so much about Abel’s accomplishments this year and we JUST started “League” tonight… Several opponents needed to bring him down, WELL past the 1st down marker… and he’s a Junior….

Abel Carter, Carson High
Call him The Steamroller!

Daniel Morrison got a lot of snaps tonight, things looking bright for Carson at Quarterback.

Daniel Morrison, Carson High

Chris Simon getting a run for Carson High tonight!Chris Simon, Carson High

Kyle Rudy gaining yards!Kyle Rudy, Carson High

2016 Carson High Girls Soccer vs. Galena, September 24, 2016

I’ve had a busy fall so far.  I’ve had a tough time getting out to any soccer games this season!  I’m coaching both of my daughter’s soccer teams so that’s pulled me away… but Saturday, I was able to make it out to the Carson vs. Galena Girls Varsity game… There was a lot of action for Carson with quite a lot of exciting opportunities, they kept knocking on the door until the last minutes of the game.  The Senators pulled out a 2-1 win… I can’t say that the score really reflected the run of play but that’s soccer… 🙂

Here are some shots from the game… more in the Carson High Gallery… https://instaimage.com/chs/soccer

Mallory Otto Caron High 160924_6768 160924_6797 160924_6817

2015 NIAA Northern Region Football, Carson vs. Galena at Carson High

Carson wins 51-21 over Galena heading into the final two weeks of the season with one league game left against rival Douglas in two weeks…  Offensively Jace Keema was able to connect for at least three long pass plays with Connor Pradere to really open up the game and make it that much tougher to stop them…  Galena obviously was able to exploit a few weak points in the Carson defense but only on a few plays…  Great win for Carson heading into their bye week, time to get people rested and on the mend headed into the playoffs in three weeks.

Here are some shots from the night. I’ll be updating this post in a few days when my buddy Ron gets his gallery of the game up… 🙂

Galena’s running back Mateo Lemus seems to be floating around the field, here’s two photos with him “flying”… 🙂

Carson Senator Defense just a fun shot, Galena Running Back

Sometimes you get that catch just right!Galena rectption

Like last week, that one last block and Asa Carter was off to the end zone!Carson Senator Asa Carter on his way to the endzone

Jace Keema started and lead the Senators tonight…Carson Senator Jace Keema

2015 LSP High School Senior All Star Basketball Games, Carson High School

Local Sports Program held their annual Senior All Star Basketball games tonight at Carson High School… It was great to see some of these players in action again.  Check out more in the galleries.

2015 Girls

2015 Boys

150526_7701 Hailee Simpson Elko High School Brianna Holt, Bishop Manogue High School Tara Garcia, Wooster High School Clint Hess, Virginia City High School Jeff Evett, Fallon High School Colin Bernard, Bishop Manogue High School Christian Gray, Lowry High School Dilyn Rooker, Carson High School LSP Senior All Star Boys Basketball

2015 NIAA Baseball and Softball Seasons are here!!

The Northern Nevada NIAA High School Baseball and Softball seasons are here!! Much more to follow but here are some shots from some of the opening games of the season at Carson High.

Bailey Allen getting the bats going for the Carson Senators.
Bailey Allen, Carson Senators University of Nevada, Reno bound Kaleb Foster… it’s funny listening to the opposite teams talk about Kaleb… no one dares run on him. 🙂  I love his glance here to keep his eye on things.Caleb Foster, Douglas Tigers Josiah Pongasi taking care of business at shortstop.Josiah Pongasi, Carson Senators Turner Gustafson in the late afternoon sun throws to first.Turner Gustafson, Galena Grizzlies A new face behind the dish for the Carson Senators, Brandon Allen.Brandon Allen, Carson Senators

2015 NIAA Northern Region Division 1 Championships

The Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (The NIAA…) held the Northern Nevada Regional Championships at Carson High this week…

On the girls side, both League Champions faced off tonight, Reno vs. Bishop Manogue.  Reno didn’t seem to be able to match up well with Manogue’s pace and press and fell behind early and Manogue never looked back and cruised to a Regional Championship!

Congratulation Girls!  Good Luck in Vegas next week!150221_4639

This is how Manogue dealt with Mallory McGwire… shoot over her before she can approach for the block… I’d guess Mallory holds some shot block record if someone was keeping track, she’s a wicked shot block force in the middle!


LOVE the crowd!  What a great atmosphere tonight!150221_4556The boys game tipped off 45 minutes later than scheduled… multiple factors… First was the TV crew… the whole world revolves around TV you know… 🙂  The second and probably larger factor… there were so many people inside that they had to start turning people away that were waiting in line outside… the place was PACKED!!

The two teams that tied for first in the Sierra League were back on the floor tonight, Carson got the 1st place nod due to the tie break but Galena came in with something to prove and very quickly showed that.  Galena’s outside shooting game early in the first quarter was probably the nail in the coffin for Carson.  Galena jumped out to and early lead and Carson tried to claw back but the deficit was too great and couldn’t manage.  Galena will be headed to Vegas next week for the State Championships.

Congratulations and good luck in Vegas boys!

Shots like these helped Galena to the Championship!  Look at the crowd!!  Truly Awesome!150221_4714 150221_4718

2014 NIAA Northern Region Football, Carson vs. Galena @ Galena High

What can I say?  Carson ROLLED Galena tonight!  34-0… second shutout in as many weeks.  Carson made some big plays, stopped Galena when they needed to and rolled to an easy victory.

Here are some images from the night… instead of a 1, 2 punch how about a 10, 11 punch… Ian Schulz and Nolan Shine “flying” after the Galena Quarterback…


Love these shots where you can see the eyes and the intensity of where he’s looking!  Colby bowled himself a few more touchdowns tonight!141024_3257

I can remember two Galena plays the whole night, it also helps that they were both deep pass plays and I got both on “film”… 🙂  I’m not a football expert but that hand in the face looks like pretty good coverage to me… to come down with that one was tough.141024_3317

What in the heck is going on here… not trying to pick on you Connor… but where’d the ball go and what’s up with that leg… don’t know if that hurts to look at or what!?!?!?141024_3363

OK, some of you may have noticed that I had some dorky looking thing on my forehead… well, I tried something tonight and it’s too late or I’d start messing with it… but I’m hoping to have a Point of View (POV) time lapse of “a night shooting football”… not sure if it will come out but I had a GoPro strapped to my head tonight so it might give you a glimpse of what I’m looking at and shooting… more details to follow if it turns out to be something worthwhile. 🙂  Might even have some cool video from it… will have to take a look later… Thanks for taking a photo of me DJ!!IMG_2686

2013 NIAA Northern Division 1 Soccer, Regional Semifinals

The Girls NIAA Northern Region Semifinal Soccer matches were Wednesday night. Carson defeated Reno 3-0 and Galena defeated Douglas 1-0

The Boys NIAA Northern Region Semifinal Soccer matches were Thursday night.  Spanish Springs defeated Carson 1-0 and Wooster defeated Galena 2-1 in overtime.

Here are a few photos from the games…

131106_instaimage_Nevada High School Soccer_Carson vs Reno 1 131106_instaimage_Nevada High School Soccer_Douglas vs Galena 1 131107_instaimage_Nevada High School Soccer_Carson vs Spanish Springs 1 131107_instaimage_Nevada High School Soccer_Carson vs Spanish Springs 2

2013 NIAA Varsity Football… Double Duty October 24, 2013

Wow is about all I can say for the Sierra League NIAA Division 1 football season!  With Division 1 split into two leagues and “league” play coming the last half of the season you really never know what the “pre-season” tea leaves might tell you… and this year, I don’t think ANYONE’S prediction was as wild as what we’ve seen this year!

This year I advertised in the Reno Gazette Journal’s Football Preview “magazine”… the lead off article was “Who will step from the shadows”… and at the time I thought that was a very appropriate lead… I had the same thoughts myself, in my mind there wasn’t any one player that was expected to create a significant “problem” for any opponent as we’ve seen in past years… with one league game week left we’ve got quite a situation that has developed in the Sierra League….

A big Congratulations to the Carson Senators for their League Championship.  I know they have unfinished business and there will be a lot of pressure this week to continue their success… Carson/Douglas this week!

So this past Thursday night I made an attempt to try double duty, a first half at one school and the second half at another… not my normal style but I gave it a try… I started at Galena… Here are two from that game…

I’ve grown to like the turf at most of the high school fields but the natural grass at Galena offers some cool things with flying grass… not sure the grass coming up here is from Ben (… sorry Ben…) but it’s something you don’t get to see on the turf. 🙂131024_instaimage_Galena High Football_Ben Barnard Touchdown… and I “caught” this one too! 131024_instaimage_Galena High Football_CatchAt halftime, with info from my “sources” (thanks!!) I headed over to Manogue where Carson was driving their season to the Championship!  Here’s some of the shots I got in the second half of the Carson Manogue game…

Here are three images from Chase Blueberg’s touchdown… no doubt he wanted this one! 🙂131024_Carson High Football_Blueberg Touchdown131024_Carson High Football_Blueberg Touchdown2 131024_Carson High Football_Blueberg Touchdown3… Nevin doing a little dance!
131024_Carson High Football_Nevin Dance … and Seamus getting some running action… and a touchdown!131024_Carson High Football_Seamus TouchdownAll eyes will be on the Carson Douglas game in Minden, NV this week… stay tuned for what should be a great rivalry game!