NIAA Girls Soccer 5A Northern Region Championship, November 5, 2022

It’s been a long LONG time since I’ve “blogged” so I thought I’d start with the end of the season Girls 5A Northern Region Championship game!

If you’d like to skip to the images…

I’ve been around the area shooting regional sports since 2007 but today was the first time I got to… let’s just say “experience” the wind at McQueen High School… To say it’s remarkable is an understatement… it was BLOWING HARD today! Wow! But it didn’t seem to deter the girls from getting after it on the pitch today!

To give you a little background… McQueen came into this game as the #2 seed coming out of the regular season. Galena arrived as the #5 seed which meant they had to play away at Carson on Monday… being the #2 seed, McQueen had a first round bye. Monday Galena squeaked past Carson with a 78th+ minute go ahead goal to win 2-1. They then faced the #1 seed at Reed on Wednesday, they won on Penalty Kicks after the two 15 minute over time periods. McQueen faced Douglas on Wednesday at Wooster (did I mention it snowed Tuesday…) and were able to win 1-0. So heading into this game Galena had already played just shy of 5 halves of play in two games, McQueen played a single game…. to back up a quick second, during the regular season, Galena v McQueen resulted in two 1-1 ties, home and away….

From the start to the last whistle of the second overtime game it was game on for both teams. Both had some action in front of the goal and some balls bouncing around in front of the goal but nothing that wasn’t handled by the defense and we ended regulation and overtime at 0-0. (seemed familiar from the regular season results)

Onto Penalty Kicks… There’s always a lot of debate about penalty kicks…. some people like them, some people hate them… I’ve been involved with this game for 43 years now and I look at it like this… they’re a part of the game, you NEED to practice them to be good at them, you know it’s a part of the game so shame on you if you haven’t worked on them (you’ve likely worked for YEARS on other things, this should be added to the list, ESPECIALLY right before a tournament…).

To say a penalty shootout is nerve-racking is an understatement… I’ve been in several over the years as a player (not as a coach yet) and I was in the first five shooters… fortunately I converted (at least in the shootouts…).

The cruelty of the game and the shootout today snagged McQueen and gave Galena the Northern Region Championship.

Both teams will go on to play in the State Championship Tournament down in the Vegas area next week. Good Luck to both teams in Vegas, Rep Northern Nevada with your heads held high, we’re all rooting for you!

Onto the photos… it was a beautiful day aside from the wind… for photos, overcast is always good, kills the really hard shadows and you can somewhat still get away with shooting in any direction on the field… I still shoot from the south end of the fields when possible just incase the sun peaks out. I’ve tried to pick some photos that show the intensity of the game… The full gallery can be found here…

2017 High School Football, Carson High vs. Reno High, September 1, 2017

After road trips for nearly every Northern Nevada high school football teams last week, this week has nearly everyone back in the area and playing cross league opponents… Carson hosted Reno tonight…

Reno has some fire power this year… Brandon Kaho is the talk of the league right now it seems, what’s his decision regarding college going to be is what’s on a lot of people’s minds… great for him to have some impressive options for college!  He gave me a great shot tonight so I’m pleased!  Check it out below…

Carson is entering the season with some rookie players at key positions… the big one is quarterback… Daniel Morrison (who filled in last year for the injured Jace Keema…) was expected to lead the team this year but a re-injury of his knee will have him out for the season so Blake Menzel will be looked upon to lead the team with Johnathan Laplante, who was brought up from the JV team recently will also be seeing some reps, as he did tonight… tough position to be in for Carson but that’s high school sports, we’ll see who steps up! 🙂

On to the photos from tonight… (check out more in the galleries… here…)

Reno High Quarterback Sawyer Jaksick
Reno High Quarterback Sawyer Jaksick throws a pass early in the first quarter of the Northern Nevada NIAA League game between Carson High and Reno High at Carson High in Carson City, Nevada.

Reno High Evan Moore
Reno High Wide Out Evan Moore looks for his hole on his way to the end zone during the Northern Nevada NIAA League game between Carson High and Reno High at Carson High in Carson City, Nevada.

Reno High Reese Taylor
Reno High Running Back Reese Taylor turns up field on his way to the end zone during the Northern Nevada NIAA League game between Carson High and Reno High at Carson High in Carson City, Nevada.

Reno High Brandon Kaho
Reno High Standout Brandon Kaho flies over Carson High players during the Northern Nevada NIAA League game between Carson High and Reno High at Carson High in Carson City, Nevada.

Reno High Touchdown, Brandon Kaho
Reno High Standout Brandon Kaho crosses the goal line for a touchdown during the Northern Nevada NIAA League game between Carson High and Reno High at Carson High in Carson City, Nevada.

Carson High Kyle Rudy
Carson High Running Back Kyle Rudy runs the ball during the Northern Nevada NIAA League game between Carson High and Reno High at Carson High in Carson City, Nevada.

Carson High Abel Carter
Carson High Running Back Abel Carter nearly makes a catch in the end zone during the Northern Nevada NIAA League game between Carson High and Reno High at Carson High in Carson City, Nevada.

Carson High Defense Liam Desormier
Carson High Defensive Lineman Liam Desormier unleashes a hard tackle on Reno High Quarterback Sawyer Jaksick during the Northern Nevada NIAA League game between Carson High and Reno High at Carson High in Carson City, Nevada.

2016 NIAA Northern Regional Championship Soccer, November 5, 2016

Damonte Ranch High School hosted the 2016 NIAA 4A Northern Regional Championship Soccer matches on this BEAUTIFUL Northern Nevada Fall day, WOW is about all I can say for the conditions!  I was chatting with Jay Beesemyer after the boys game how good the weather always seems to be for the Northern Region Championship games… we’re lucky! (watch, next year will be snowing… 🙂 )

I’m going to just flat out say it, MOST all of Northern Nevada missed great soccer games today… I unfortunately had to leave after the boys game but the boys game was hard fought as one would expect.  Galena eeked out the win 1-0 on a 7th minute free kick… SUPER tough angle for the goal keeper to judge and even see the ball with the sun and that was the lone goal, that one minor detail that has so many countless times been the deciding factor in a game where the teams are so closely matched.  Tough loss for Carson, great win for Galena who will for sure represent Northern Nevada well at the State Tournament next week in Vegas.

On to the photos… you’ll see very quickly the theme that jumped out at me… this was a battle…

See more images on the site (menus to the left or the links below)

Carson High Athletics

Galena High Athletics

A very early celebration from a goal off a free kick… this would be the only goal of the match!GOAL!!! Galena High Soccer Carson High Soccer Galena High Soccer

A blocked shot on goal…
Blocked shot Galena High Soccer

They fought this PAST the end line of the field… yea, it was a little scary as they were coming right at me… 🙂
Challenge to the end, Carson High Soccer I guess technically speaking that’s not REALLY legal… but… 🙂Carson High Soccer, Peter Garrett Carson High Soccer, Peter Garrett Carson High Soccer, Peter Garrett

A CRACKING shot on goal, hit the football uprights and rang out pretty loud…Galena High Soccer Shot on Goal A contest for every ball, Galena High Soccer 161105_8507 161105_8524 Love the determination on his face!161105_8547 Jay Beesemyer with the coveted trophy!  Congrats Galena on a great season!  Go represent Northern Nevada at the State Tournament!Champions, Galena High Boys Soccer Champions, Galena High Boys Soccer

2016 Carson High Football vs. Douglas, October 28, 2016

If someone asked you to define a rivalry game, how would you answer? I’m sure you could blurt out well known rivalries, Yankees vs. Red Sox, Giants vs. Dodgers, Cowboys vs. Giants… Carson vs. Douglas… if you live anywhere in Northern Nevada you’re aware of the Carson Douglas rivalry… well tonight’s, as a rivalry game, did NOT disappoint… Douglas put up some late 4th quarter points and played some tough defense and walked out of Carson’s field with a 31-17 win.

I’d say as in most rivalry games you’re likely to see things that you might not have seen at any point in the season and well… the things last night were plentiful. I cannot imagine the amount of tape that was watched in prep for tonight’s game… I think the thing that will define the night for me was the hard hits that were happening, they were plentiful and some memorable, as in knock out mouth pieces memorable.  I know the pure definition of smash mouth football is more of an offensive term but the “idea” of “smash mouth” comes to mind when I think about the hits and more importantly the sounds of the hits from tonight’s game… WOW!  The other thing I’ll take with me, the horrible officiating…

I’m only going to touch briefly on the officiating because these kind of things get people in trouble with the NIAA and we don’t want that… 🙂  But honestly… last night was the worst I’ve seen of the season… in what is likely the deepest rivalry game of the season in Northern Nevada and THIS is the team of refs we got?  In any sport, the officials job also includes NOT effecting the outcome of the game… and no, I’m not going to say there weren’t other things that weren’t as big of a factor in a win or a loss (depends if you’re Carson or Douglas…) last night but when a “non fan” of the game of football is so disgusted by the horrible calls of the referees… alright, enough of that… well, just one photo… and Coach would never say this but I can say it for him… 🙂

Simple caption…


Coach Blair Roman

On to the photos… 🙂

You have to appreciate the dedication of getting to the field early to get the front row!  Several of your 2016 Sierra League Soccer Champs in that front row tonight!!

The Fans, Carson High

Sideline buddies!  I know there are families that come to games… but there are also families formed BECAUSE of games… we spend a lot of time together over the course of a year, we get to share the ups and downs, it’s a lot of fun.

Love those smiles ladies!Sideline Buddies

And onto the game… I’ve said this before in prior posts this year about games with a high amount of running plays, particularly one’s up the middle… yawn… kinda boring from a photographic standpoint… but none the less, that’s what we have we still need to make some pictures!

Carson’s Sheldon Miller bringing down Douglas Quarterback Hunter Hickey.Douglas High Tigers

Clawing for another inch…Rivalry Football

I just like this shot… seems like he’s saying, “… we’re coming, are you ready?”
Carson High Senators

What’s come to be known on the sidelines as “The Abel Carter Show” once again did not disappoint with just over 200 yards rushing on the night… hard not to aim the camera at Abel… how many hundreds of photos do you suppose I have of him?Abel Carter, Carson High Senators

2016 Manogue High Soccer vs. Carson, October 15, 2016

Bishop Manogue High hosted Carson High today for some NIAA Northern Region Soccer action… The Senators took both Varsity games in some amazing wind… the wind was strong enough that it was blowing the ball backward in the air, it was something I’ve never seen in all my 36 years of being involved with soccer… I’ve seen it slow the ball but never cause it to actually go backward…

Here are some action shots from the two games…

Bishop Manogue Soccer, Carson High Soccer Bishop Manogue Soccer, Carson High Soccer Bryne Lehman, Carson High Bishop Manogue High Soccer Bryne Lehman, Carson High

2016 Carson High Girls Soccer vs. Galena, September 24, 2016

I’ve had a busy fall so far.  I’ve had a tough time getting out to any soccer games this season!  I’m coaching both of my daughter’s soccer teams so that’s pulled me away… but Saturday, I was able to make it out to the Carson vs. Galena Girls Varsity game… There was a lot of action for Carson with quite a lot of exciting opportunities, they kept knocking on the door until the last minutes of the game.  The Senators pulled out a 2-1 win… I can’t say that the score really reflected the run of play but that’s soccer… 🙂

Here are some shots from the game… more in the Carson High Gallery…

Mallory Otto Caron High 160924_6768 160924_6797 160924_6817

Carson High vs. McQueen High Basketball, January 8, 2016

It’s good to be back at Carson High!  That sounds kinda strange but it’s been some time since the last home football game in November… and while I’ve been at the school to take team photos, it’s nice to be back seeing some action! 🙂

The Boys haven’t had many home games yet this year due to some… well, I’ll call it “creative scheduling”… but they’re on a roll this year and they’re fun to watch, they play hard and last night, although the score seemed a little lopsided, they kept the pressure on and wouldn’t let McQueen get any taste of making a run… it was a very pleasant surprise to come back to!

A quick shout out to Kyle, nice job on your “estimate”, I’ll give you the one point! 🙂

Here are some images from the evening.  If you can get out to some games, I’d highly recommend it, this is a fun team to watch!!  They play the rest of their home games on Tuesdays for the balance of the season… Damonte, Galena, Douglas, Wooster, Manogue (those are the next five Tuesday’s in order…)… Hope to see you out at a game!

Tez Allen Carson High Basketball Asa Carter Carson High Basketball Jayden DeJoseph Carson High Basketball Jayden DeJoseph Carson High BasketballCarson High Basketball Carson High Basketball