2016 Manogue High Soccer vs. Carson, October 15, 2016

Bishop Manogue High hosted Carson High today for some NIAA Northern Region Soccer action… The Senators took both Varsity games in some amazing wind… the wind was strong enough that it was blowing the ball backward in the air, it was something I’ve never seen in all my 36 years of being involved with soccer… I’ve seen it slow the ball but never cause it to actually go backward…

Here are some action shots from the two games…

Bishop Manogue Soccer, Carson High Soccer Bishop Manogue Soccer, Carson High Soccer Bryne Lehman, Carson High Bishop Manogue High Soccer Bryne Lehman, Carson High

2016 Bishop Manogue High Football vs. Carson, October 7, 2016

Even for the non-football fan, last night’s game was an interesting one… Bishop Manogue held the ball for nearly the first eight minutes of the game and drove the ball, seemingly right down the field and scored their first touchdown to begin the game… they chewed a ton of time off the clock and ran what seemed like a ton of plays… and at least for the first Carson drive, which included a beautiful Jace Keema pass to Brandon Gagnon, Carson didn’t seem to have their killer plays with them… but like I said… for the first drive…

Carson got their bearings with the Manogue offense and started to make stops and then the Abel Carter show started… 🙂 For his longest touchdown run I was behind them in the end zone and was able to see the massive hole the Carson O-Line opened for Abel… no joke, you could have driven a VERY large vehicle through the hole and off to the end zone went Abel… Good job O-line!  … and to Abel of course too!

Games like this with a lot of inside runs are tough to photograph… a big mash of players fighting in the trenches doesn’t make for very interesting photos, no faces, no ball, who even knows where the ball is sometimes… so the raw photo count from the night’s game aren’t plentiful, but there were some moments that I grabbed that I liked…

One of Brandon Gagnon’s receptions on the night… how much better would this be if he was facing me! 🙂Brandon Gagnon, Carson High

Manogue Quarterback William Hauck passing the ball…
William Hauck, Bishop Manogue High

Carson’s Spencer Rogers working for a few more yards…Spencer Rogers, Carson High

There were a few players on the Manogue team that played their youth football in Carson City, Connor Larkin (here) tackles Jake Roman… always good to see the kids that grew up in front of your eyes in Carson City playing at this level. 🙂
Jake Roman and Connor Larkin

2015 NIAA Northern Region Championship Soccer @ Carson High

Again, a big congratulations to all four teams for making the NIAA Regional Championship games, this year in particular is special because the North hosts state and therefore all four of these teams will compete in the State Championship tournament which is Friday/Saturday, November 13th and 14th. (stay tuned for coverage of those matches)

A big Congratulations to the Bishop Manogue Miner Girls and the Carson High Senator Boys for their NIAA Regional Championship Wins in some of the wackiest weather I’ve ever seen for a soccer game!

Don’t believe me… This was about 15 minutes into the boys game, the girls game finished in these conditions… YIKES! 🙂

I left during the boys game due to the fact that the snow was so intense the camera would grab focus on the snow and not the player… see below…

Some shots from the girls game first… The game started out with just a slight bit of rain and Douglas seemed to have more of the attacking for most of the first 3/4 of the game… not to say that Manogue didn’t have their opportunities, just seemed that the pressure of the game was with Douglas… 151109_4011

Then in the second half the weather picked up… it wasn’t quite cold enough to snow quite yet but not just solid rain either… the camera is already starting to have issues….

As with most of the last several years of Regional Championship games, I set up a remote camera in the goal… Regional Championship day has been on a bright sunny Saturday afternoon with barely a whisper of clouds in the sky… So the “opportunity” to get something good on a night like this was very much foiled by the conditions… the big bright dots are rain drops on the lens… the blurry players are because when you shoot with a remote like this you need more light to allow you to shoot with the lens more closed down and thus my shutter speed went WAY down to 1/30th of a second for this shot (remember aperture, the smaller the number the more shallow the depth of field, with a remote you want everything in focus so you use a smaller aperture (a larger number…)…).  You generally shoot portraits of people around 1/125th and I shoot sports at 1/1000th… if it were not for the tripod the camera is on here everything would have been blurry so I’ll take what I got… 🙂151109_4149

This next photo seems rather uninteresting but will be talked about as a huge controversy of this game… I know FIFA is all over the news for bad and corrupt leadership but the fact still remains they are the maker and keeper of the laws of the game and this one is literally black and white in the rule book…

Law 12 from the FIFA Rule book… see the Bolded section…

  1. Sending-off offenses:
    A player, substitute or substituted player is sent off if he commits any of the following seven offences:

    • serious foul play
    • violent conduct
    • spitting at an opponent or any other person
    • denying the opposing team a goal or an obvious goalscoring opportunityby deliberately handling the ball (this does not apply to a goalkeeper within his own penalty area)
    • denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player’s goal by an offence punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick
    • using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures
    • receiving a second caution in the same match

I’ve been involved with soccer a very long time (1979), there are a lot of “judgement” rules for soccer where the referees have to make a decision, is it a foul or is it not a foul (and spectators expect an instant decision…)… FIFA added this rule right before a World Cup (I believe it was before the 2002 World Cup) and it created a lot of controversy at the time but was put in place to radically discourage an age old practice and was the beginning of what has now been coined by FIFA as “Fair Play”… They have a good point as this was very common practice in all my years of playing… can’t quite get there or stop them, just take them down with a little bump, nudge or trip… no big deal… NOW with an automatic red card on the table, you don’t do that any more…. There isn’t a player on the field that hasn’t had that rule in place for their entire playing career….

That resulted in Douglas playing with 10 with just a few minutes to go (the play was outside the box so no penalty kick, “just” a direct free kick…) and momentum swung completely in favor of the Miners… They scored and solidified their Championship.151109_4204

Here’s the muck the boys were dealing with… the camera was having fits with this weather… I had to call it a night… I have a feeling we may very well see this matchup again in the State Championship game… we’ll see on Friday if the South teams have something for either of these two teams. 🙂151109_4250151109_4231151109_4252

2015 NIAA Northern Region Championship Volleyball, Manogue vs. Carson @ Manogue

Time flies when you’re having fun… you hear that a lot… but following the Carson High Volleyball team this year has been fun… We started at the Nevada Train Museum for team photos in August and ended today in the Regional Championship.

A very big congratulations to both the Carson Senator Ladies and Bishop Manogue Miner Ladies for their accomplishment in making the Regional Championship game… and an even bigger congratulations to the Miner Ladies for their win today.  It was an exciting game, all back and forth battles that only went three games but they were action packed games!  Manogue will head to Vegas for the State Championships later this week.

Here are some photos from the semifinals and championship.

The Anderson sister’s giving each other some encouragement between games…151105_3595

Julianna made a monster kill, Maddie was impressed! 🙂

Katelyn Oppio getting up VERY high and making the kill…151105_3634 151105_3649

Maddie up for the block…151107_3904

Jaycie for the kill!151107_3918 151107_3919

Volleyball is a tough sport to shoot… I still don’t know where to shoot from to get a “great” shot… so it’s always a challenge going to a new place… tried this angle.  I knew Katelyn would make her normal approach to the right side so I was waiting for it to happen….151107_3925

Julianna with a dig…

Jaycie can’t keep a straight face… thanks for the fun season Ladies!151107_3934

2015 NIAA Northern Region Football, Bishop Manogue vs. Carson at Bishop Manogue

A day game… haven’t shot a high school day game since the 2014 State Championship last year (Gorman vs. Reed @ Damonte Ranch)!  Today was Bishop Manogue’s Homecoming… and well, they chose a very tough opponent for their homecoming but they’re in a rebuilding stage with their program so…

Just a few photos from the day… I’ll start with the first touchdown of the day for Carson… when your teammate (who just happens to be your brother…) gives you one of those blocks that clears the path like Abel Carter did here for Asa Carter… you better make good and get yourself into the end zone and Asa delivered… 🙂

Asa Carter with a block from his brother Abel Carter
Abel Carter makes a block for brother Asa Carter for Asa’s touchdown run to make the game 6-0 Carson
Asa Carter with a block from his brother Abel Carter
Asa Carter headed for a touchdown to make the game 6-0 Carson

Jace Keema saw quite a bit of action today at Quarterback… he seems to have an uncanny ability to get his hand on his opponents helmet stiff arm style… I’ve got several photos in the gallery… 🙂

Jace Keema (21)
Carson’s Jace Keema running the ball against the Manogue Defense.

Carson’s Spencer Rogers making a tackle on one of Manogue’s receivers… there seemed to be a desire by the Carson team to make a bit of a statement today…

Spencer Rogers (33)
Carson’s Spencer Rogers makes a tackle.

Manogue’s Johnny Cavilla flying at Carson’s Abel Carter for a tackle… these two used to both suit up in Carson Pop Warner jerseys…

Johnny Cavilla (25) and Abel Carter (6)
Manogue’s Cavilla goes after Carson’s Abel Carter for a tackle.

A quick shout out to Nick Andreas for his sack today… good to see you back out there Nick… it’s been a long time coming to see you play this year!

Nick Andreas (20)
Carson’s Nick Andreas makes a sack.

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2015 LSP High School Senior All Star Basketball Games, Carson High School

Local Sports Program held their annual Senior All Star Basketball games tonight at Carson High School… It was great to see some of these players in action again.  Check out more in the galleries.

2015 Girls

2015 Boys

150526_7701 Hailee Simpson Elko High School Brianna Holt, Bishop Manogue High School Tara Garcia, Wooster High School Clint Hess, Virginia City High School Jeff Evett, Fallon High School Colin Bernard, Bishop Manogue High School Christian Gray, Lowry High School Dilyn Rooker, Carson High School LSP Senior All Star Boys Basketball

2015 NIAA Northern Region Division 1 Baseball, Carson High vs. Bishop Manogue, April 6, 2015

The Bishop Manogue Miners visited Carson High tonight for the second game of the series… The Miners were quite aggressive with their base running tonight and took advantage of most every opportunity to put up a run they had.  The Miners took the win at Carson tonight 10-3.

Here are a few shots from the night…

Not sure why exactly yet, I just like this shot…Carson Senator Kyle Krebs Manogue’s Middle Infield, Lucas Howard at second…Bishop Manogue Miner Lucas Howard

… and Web Charles at shortstop…
Bishop Manogue Miner Web CharlesTerek Been awaiting the ball for an out…Carson Senator Terek Been

2015 NIAA Northern Region Division 1 Baseball, Bishop Manogue vs. Carson High, April 4, 2015

Boy, what a game! Hits, runs, home runs, stolen bases and even an ejection!  What a baseball game!  Carson visited Bishop Manogue today for the first of their home and away series with the Miners and walked away with a win, 7-6.  The Senators jumped out in front in the second inning 4-1 after their coach was ejected from the game…  Pretty shockingly (at least to me…) the NIAA scheduled an umpire with a previous ejection of a Carson High Coach at the end of last season… it quickly looked very reminiscent of that evening last spring…. if you’re going to be an umpire you need to have patience and pretty thick skin…

The game went down the the 7th inning and Manogue was battling but Carson relief pitcher, Senior Brandon Allen was able to battle through and get the last outs needed to give Carson the win.  The battle continues on Monday at 6:00 PM at Carson High.  Hope to see you out there!

Here are some shots from today’s game…

Alec West-Guillen
Alec West-Guillen

Bishop Manogue Miner Pitcher Alec West-Guillen, LOVE his facial expressions when he’s pitching!Carson Senator Senior Brandon Allen leading his team onto the scoreboard in the second inning!
Carson Senator Brandon AllenI always wonder what they’re saying… 🙂Alec West Guillen chats with Shon PlamondonManogue has turf on the infield, the one thing photographically you loose when there’s no dirt infield is that little puff of dirt when the ball hits the glove… have to get that Monday night instead @ Carson.Bishop Manogue Catcher Shon PlamandonJesse Lopez fielding a ball in left field.Carson Sentator Jesse LopezBrandon Allen tagging Anthony Galati out at third base.
Carson third baseman Brandon Allen tags Manogue runner Anthony GalatiI love Manogue’s scoreboard… makes a nice background for Webb Charles as he throws to first for an out.Bishop Manogue Miner Webb CharlesThe forces of baseball… even on a young person’s arm… love the face Connor Pradere, so much focus!Carson Senator Connor PradereSenior Senator Brandon Allen getting it done on the mound…Carson Senator Pitcher Brandon AllenI love side arm guys… they’re body goes into the most graceful of positions… he looks like the π (pi) symbol to me… even has the little kick up of the front foot… 🙂 Manogue Pitcher Benjamin Rawlins.Bishop Manogue Miner Ben Rawlins

2015 NIAA Northern Region Division 1 Championships

The Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (The NIAA…) held the Northern Nevada Regional Championships at Carson High this week…

On the girls side, both League Champions faced off tonight, Reno vs. Bishop Manogue.  Reno didn’t seem to be able to match up well with Manogue’s pace and press and fell behind early and Manogue never looked back and cruised to a Regional Championship!

Congratulation Girls!  Good Luck in Vegas next week!150221_4639

This is how Manogue dealt with Mallory McGwire… shoot over her before she can approach for the block… I’d guess Mallory holds some shot block record if someone was keeping track, she’s a wicked shot block force in the middle!


LOVE the crowd!  What a great atmosphere tonight!150221_4556The boys game tipped off 45 minutes later than scheduled… multiple factors… First was the TV crew… the whole world revolves around TV you know… 🙂  The second and probably larger factor… there were so many people inside that they had to start turning people away that were waiting in line outside… the place was PACKED!!

The two teams that tied for first in the Sierra League were back on the floor tonight, Carson got the 1st place nod due to the tie break but Galena came in with something to prove and very quickly showed that.  Galena’s outside shooting game early in the first quarter was probably the nail in the coffin for Carson.  Galena jumped out to and early lead and Carson tried to claw back but the deficit was too great and couldn’t manage.  Galena will be headed to Vegas next week for the State Championships.

Congratulations and good luck in Vegas boys!

Shots like these helped Galena to the Championship!  Look at the crowd!!  Truly Awesome!150221_4714 150221_4718

2014 NIAA Northern Region Football, Carson vs. Manogue @ Carson High

It’s always said that you want to pick a team for homecoming that you feel you can win, to make the night “better”… I don’t think that anyone at the stadium tonight would have predicted a 42-0 thrashing!

One thing was certain tonight, Carson was not going to loose.  The opening kickoff was nearly run back for a touchdown… I believe it was less that a minute into the game and Carson already had a touchdown and a successful extra point….  Then they sent out a defense that may have well been from Mars because it rendered the Manogue passing game completely useless… the Manogue QB was 1 for 11 in the first half…  This one’s going to be a tale of coaching in my book.  Coach Roman dug into his magic bag of goodies and stunned Manogue tonight… and the fellas executed.  Game over, NEXT! 🙂

Here are some images from the night.  Blowout games are tough to photograph… OK, here’s Carson scoring… next, oh, and here’s Carson scoring… next… OH, OH, and HERE’S Carson scorning… again… yawn… 😉  ANYWAY…

Wait, wait, WAIT!  I mentioned it was homecoming!  Congrats to the King, Fred Christensen and Queen, Abbey Dudley!


And the entire 2014 Homecoming Court!  Congrats to all of you!

141017_1682I took a chance tonight and went down to the end zone… and Colby Brown ran right at me… Thanks Coach! 🙂141017_1622Joe Nelson back for a pass…141017_1640Ikela Lewis recording a sack…141017_1995 Brady Rivera in flight… wish I could see that face… oh well…141017_2020

It sounds like we’ve not heard the last of this young man… Freshman QB Connor Noland at Manogue.  He did show poise tonight… in my opinion, he was just the victim of Coach Roman’s wicked smart coaching. 🙂