2014 NIAA Northern Region Division 1 Baseball, Manogue vs. Carson High at Manogue

It’s my first baseball post of the season and we only have one more week in the regular season… Life and business are keeping me a bit more busy than I can really handle right now… the alternative is far worse so I can’t complain….  Stay tuned for some “advancements” coming soon… 🙂

So, I made the trek to Manogue today, one of the Manogue fellas was asking about who/what I was shooting for… this is the fifth season I’ve been making the trip up to Manogue for this series… hard to believe that!  Looking back at the first year and comparing those to today’s photos… my has a lot changed in equipment…!

On to the photos… Manogue won today… 10-0 in 4 ½ innings…

No MLB Replay needed here, the umpire got this one right… good call Blue!

140501_7029 This was the first game I’ve seen Chase pitch… the “light” on the pitchers at the Manogue field is quite nice… nearly complete front light… 140501_7035I promise, he’s not really this mean looking normally… I just had to post this one… the look on his face is pretty intense!
140501_7052 That is not Photoshop dirt… 🙂140501_7069 Dom was waiting for the runner to arrive on this one…140501_7079 Joe’s throw to Josiah… see what happened next with the next image…140501_7106 Josiah in a rundown back to first… runner out!140501_7111 Got some OK ball shots today!140501_7133 140501_7139 Here’s that front light again… nearly no shadows, great stuff… photo geeky stuff, but…140501_7143 Welcome back to the Mound Jace!  His first pitches of the season.140501_7159 You have to watch out Megan… that shutter can click off a few shots pretty quick!  You’re a great sport about it too!140501_7182


2013 Girls NIAA Regional Basketball Semifinals at Carson High

Put two more NIAA Northern Regional Semifinals in the books and get ready for two great Championships tomorrow!!

Bishop Manogue defeated defending Nevada State Champion Reed in the first game tonight and Reno defeated Spanish Springs in the second, Manogue will face Reno Saturday at 4:00 PM for the NIAA Northern Region Division 1 Championship (at Carson High).

Here’s a glimpse of the action from tonight… check out all the images in the galleries for each school.130215_Manogue_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Drive Isn’t there usually a “story” that goes along with a photo like this? 🙂  Manogue burned nearly two minutes off the clock with Kelly Lujan dribbling the ball, and at times standing on one foot… she’s really cleaning off her shoes for more grip on the floor… 🙂130215_Manogue_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Stand 130215_Reed_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Drive 130215_Reno_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Battle 130215_Reno_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Drive 130215_Spanish Springs_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Drive

2013 Carson High Basketball vs. Bishop Manogue High

Carson hosted Bishop Manogue tonight, the boys Jr Varsity, girls Varsity and boys Varsity…  The Senators dropped the first two games to Manogue… the Varsity boys game went to Carson….  The Senators pulled away early and never really looked back.  What a different game vs. Manogue than I saw last week at Douglas!  Only two more weeks of the regular season!!  (Douglas beat Galena at Douglas tonight… not sure what all this means for the playoffs but…).

Onto the photos!

I almost forgot!  Royalty!  Winterfest this week at Caron High!  Congrats to Kenzie Tillet and Sergio Zarate!130125_Carson_instaimage_Homecoming

I tried shooting a longer lens tonight for a bit in the 1st quarter of the girls game… great background, TOUGH to follow… have to work on it more. 🙂130125_Manogue_instaimage_Girls Basketball_1130125_Manogue_instaimage_Girls Basketball_2

I’ve been talking about it all season… THIS is what the crowd gives the photos!  Better Carson… but I see some empty areas… 😉130125_Manogue_instaimage_Boys Basketball_1 130125_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_3130125_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_1

Dilyn Rooker putting two more free throws in after what I think was called an intentional foul on Manogue…130125_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_2

2013 Douglas High Basketball vs. Bishop Manogue High

Douglas hosted Bishop Manogue tonight for the Jr Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys basketball games.  Manogue won the JV Boys and Varsity Girls games but Douglas’ Varsity Boys rolled away with a pretty easy win… Douglas will host Carson this coming Friday night for the first of the home and away series between Carson and Douglas….

Onto the action!

A few shots from the Girls game…

130115_Douglas_instaimage_Girls Basketball_1130115_Manogue_instaimage_Girls Basketball_1… and the Boys game…
130115_Manogue_instaimage_Boys Basketball_1As everyone knows, Hunter Myers is a force on the court… There was a Harvard representative in the stands tonight observing the game (you can actually see him in this photo… he’s next to Hunter’s dad between the two Manogue players…). 🙂  Sometimes you get lucky!
130115_Douglas_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Hunter Meyers_1

Not everyone will have the “opportunity” to play with someone this dynamic… when you can practice an alley-oop… and pull it off in a game, that’s fun stuff!  Enjoy the ride Douglas High, these opportunities don’t come around very often!130115_Douglas_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Hunter Meyers_2

2012 NIAA Girls Soccer Semifinals, Douglas vs. Reno, Carson vs. Spanish Springs

Double header NIAA Northern Division 1 Girls Soccer Semifinals today at Damonte Ranch High School.  Douglas faced Reno and Carson faced Spanish Springs.

Reno High took the win in the first semifinal 4-1 over Douglas.  Douglas, with a very young team will certainly be back in the coming years… I believe they have at least two starting freshman this year if not more and several starting sophomores… look for them to be back atop again next year….  Carson, in my opinion, easily won the second semifinal 3-0 against Spanish Springs.  These two met about two weeks ago at Carson with a much closer game (2-1 Carson) but today, Carson was playing with some urgency… urgency to move on to the next round in Vegas!

The Carson team that I’ve seen Tuesday at home and tonight at Damonte, if they show up to play like this will be needing to book their tickets to Vegas for the State Tournament next weekend for sure!  Again, well done ladies!

The Carson Girls play for the Regional Championship on Saturday at 2:00 PM back at Damonte… and they follow the Carson Boys who will play for the Regional Championship at noon.  Good luck Senators!

Here are some shot from the Girls Semifinals today…

Here I am again, playing around… 🙂  I was scouting setting up a remote… the clouds make this photo… I don’t think it would have near the interest without them… Yes, I’ve boosted the colors to make it a bit more punchy… this is the Reno goalkeeper warming up before the first semifinal….McKenna shooting her NIAA record tying 29th goal of the season… she’s a freshman…… some tough defending in the midfield from Douglas…To make it 3-1 Reno…And onto the Carson vs. Spanish Springs game… Once again, Ms. Sandage causing some trouble… she scored one tonight.  These two were also “featured” in my post from the Carson home game that I labeled “The Dance”… no arm grab in this one! 🙂Kenzie taking a shot on goal… She also netted one tonight (not on this shot…)

The lights at Damonte are… well, they’re parking lot lights, not stadium lights… I used settings on the camera tonight that I’ve never even thought of using to try to balance the color… and then they had a very strange fluctuation that I see frequently but just not like there… very strange stuff… Not really anxious to shoot there again at night! 🙂

2012 Carson High Football vs. Bishop Manogue…

Carson hosted Bishop Manogue tonight… what started out as a battle between the 20 yard marks ended with Manogue going ahead 21-14 with about a minute and a half left… Carson drove the distance, passed to the endzone on 4th down… and yellow flag… offensive pass interference… with 30 seconds left on the clock.

I have said it a lot of times here that I don’t understand this game very well, the rules particularly… but this is the second game I’ve seen this year that has been decided by the officials and not by the players on the field.  No question, if there was an infraction it should be called… but…

Overall, it was a good game… tough battles back and forth… in the end it was Manogue… I believe this moves them into second place in the Sierra league behind Galena… Galena clinched the Sierra League championship tonight with a win over Damonte.  Next week’s Carson vs. Douglas game will determine who stays home for the playoffs… winner takes 4th and heads off to either Spanish Springs or Reed… YIKES!

So let’s get to the action!  Got some fun stuff tonight!

Before the game entering the field…When the play comes too close and you’re committed with the long lens, gotta do something!  These are great because you can see right in that face mask!This run by Nevin set up the pass play that was called offensive pass interference…… and I can’t leave out some of the cool shots I got of Bishop Manogue… first a punt return…… and the pass that set up the ending drive…… which connected with the catch… 🙂

2012 Carson High Boys Soccer vs. Manogue…

The Carson Boys Soccer team hosted Manogue tonight… the Senators came away with a 5-0 win.  Check out the images on the site at the links to the left or click on Photo Galleries.

Here’s one image and a spin on showing multiple images… goal #2 with this rocket shot from just outside the penalty arc!  A great crack on goal!

2012 Carson High Girls Soccer… vs. Manogue

A fun game tonight!  This game was what great soccer can be… for the most part it was pretty clean, both teams moved the ball around well, they each had chances on goal, there were some exciting times, some dull times… and… there was a goal!  I know, most stick and ball sports people would call it boring… but I very much enjoyed watching tonight.  I thought both teams played quite well.  Thanks Ladies! 🙂

Here are some image from the night…

I think this is my favorite image from the night.  I was very impressed with the sweeper on the Manogue team.  Her “style” brought back some great memories.  She’s tough back there!I can always count on some wide open runs from this gal!  No product endorsement ball shot tonight!  Just her cleats… 🙂You have to love High School… same field… different night!I kept hoping she would take one down the left sideline and slot one in the goal!  Maybe next game!  Love this in the air shot!And last but not least, the Manogue center midfielder… she was a bit of a pest for the Carson defense tonight, she moves the ball well, fun to watch for sure.

NIAA 4A Regional Playoff Baseball @ Carson High

What a day of baseball… the weather was amazing, the field looked great… today Carson hosted Damonte Ranch and Bishop Manogue played Galena.  The first game didn’t end well for Carson… their journey into the championships is now over.  Damonte came out swinging and kept right on swinging themselves into a ten run sixth inning win over the Senators…

The second game, Manogue vs. Galena was a great baseball game… probably the best I’ve seen all year.  I think all the elements that make up a great “competition” all wrapped up into one game… and right until the end it was a close battle… It’s always very interesting for me to see new teams and see their “style”…. Galena took the win from Manogue ending Manogue’s run today.  Galena will play Damonte tomorrow at 1:00 PM at Manogue (the Regional host) and the winner of that will play McQueen at 4:00 PM.

I’m going to get straight to the photos because I have some that I’m very happy with after all the action today!  Some really fun stuff!!

This throw didn’t quite hit the mark… Rory knocked it down to keep it close… made for a pretty cool shot!

This one hit the mark and the runner’s out!

I haven’t seen TJ pitch since 2008… the look on his face when I told him I was going to dig one out of the archives… 🙂  Not trying to embarrass you TJ, just showing where you’ve come from…

This shot is from the 2008 Hooligan tournament in Gardnerville…  I’ll remember this tournament for a long time!  Carson American and Carson National ended up meeting each other in the Semi-Final… TJ was “notorious” for that tournament, he threw it hard, I think he hit a few kids… he was “feared”!  🙂  Good times!

… and on to the second game…

There was A LOT of action in this one!This is actually a bit out of historic sequence… but… the helmet and the arm wrapped around the leg… I love it all!I covered Ryan at Douglas a few years ago… I wish the ball was in this shot but the runner blocked that shot, love the flying throw!This was a great effort to keep the ball in the infield… but it wasn’t quite enough… and led to the next shot….

This is one of my favorite of the year!  It has a lot of things that sum up the game!... and late in the game a very LOOONNNGGG stretch for an out!

Carson vs. Manogue Baseball @ Carson

What a whirlwind week… and what a crazy scenario with so many results moving the standings… and therefore changing who plays who for the first round of the playoffs, which start Tuesday at the top four schools (McQueen, Reno, Manogue, Carson).

Carson hosted the second game of the Carson Manogue series today… and it appeared early that they were going to ten run the Miners but that wasn’t to be… they did however win and that secured their first round playoff game at home!

Here are some shots from the day…  I’ll start it with the “OUCH” section… I think there were four batters hit today… in reality it was only three as Luke got hit twice… both times driving Rory in for a score… 🙂

… and then some shots I liked from the day… 🙂 I was trying for something different today… In the last two days I’ve seen six different pitchers for Manogue… so in the gallery there are  A LOT of pitching photos… so none here…

This is one of my favorite shots of the year…


Love these “ball almost there” shots…

And I just liked this one… something different…And a little Manogue love too!  Their yellow and green shirts really popped today!  I’m a color guy, usually sports have bright primary and secondary colors that really pop on a nice bright sunny day… today was no exception.  Maybe a little pop off the bat too…