2012 Carson High Football vs. Bishop Manogue…

Carson hosted Bishop Manogue tonight… what started out as a battle between the 20 yard marks ended with Manogue going ahead 21-14 with about a minute and a half left… Carson drove the distance, passed to the endzone on 4th down… and yellow flag… offensive pass interference… with 30 seconds left on the clock.

I have said it a lot of times here that I don’t understand this game very well, the rules particularly… but this is the second game I’ve seen this year that has been decided by the officials and not by the players on the field.  No question, if there was an infraction it should be called… but…

Overall, it was a good game… tough battles back and forth… in the end it was Manogue… I believe this moves them into second place in the Sierra league behind Galena… Galena clinched the Sierra League championship tonight with a win over Damonte.  Next week’s Carson vs. Douglas game will determine who stays home for the playoffs… winner takes 4th and heads off to either Spanish Springs or Reed… YIKES!

So let’s get to the action!  Got some fun stuff tonight!

Before the game entering the field…When the play comes too close and you’re committed with the long lens, gotta do something!  These are great because you can see right in that face mask!This run by Nevin set up the pass play that was called offensive pass interference…… and I can’t leave out some of the cool shots I got of Bishop Manogue… first a punt return…… and the pass that set up the ending drive…… which connected with the catch… 🙂

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