2016 Carson High Football vs. Reed, September 9, 2016

A tough pill to swallow tonight for the Senators… I’ve never actually seen a texas shootout but points were adding up on the scoreboard tonight by both teams and a 4th quarter battle down to the wire saw Reed squeaking out a win at Carson High 47-41 with a touchdown in the final seconds.

Abel Carter again for Carson led the charge with some monster yardage tonight, his first two carries alone amounted to over 80 yards, he even passed to quarterback Jace Keema for a touchdown…

Here are some images from the night.

Abel Carter scores 32 seconds into the gameCarson High Abel Carter

Spencer Rogers running the ball, Spencer had a busy night…
Carson High Spencer Rogers

Luke Meyers with a long reception from Jace Keema…Carson High Luke Meyers

Spencer Rogers with an interceptionCarson High Spencer Rogers

The Carson High Students… Toga, Toga, Toga!Carson High

And the Reed Raiders… they’re likely still the team to beat this year in the North State or so say the “media”… I think we’re likely to see a strong run by Carson after tonight’s shootout!Reed Raiders Reed Raiders Reed Raiders

2015 NIAA Northern Region Football, Carson vs. Reed at Mackay Stadium

The 2015 Northern Nevada High School Football Season has begun!  Tonight Carson and Reed had the privilege of playing under the lights at Mackay Stadium on the University of Nevada, Reno campus… (more on this later…).

Reed took things straight to Carson and racked up a good number of points in a very short period and easily defeated the Senators 44-27.

Here are some photos from the night.

The Carson High Navy Jr. ROTC Color Guard before tonight’s game!Carson High Navy Jr. ROTC members display the colors before the game.

Touchdown Reed…Touchdown Reed

A beautiful big full moon over the stadium tonight!Big and Bright, beautiful full moon over Reno, NV.

Mr. Denn took to the sky ALL night to night with a lot of passes, much more than I’m used to seeing at the high school level… Reed is going to score a lot of points this year… likely in preparation for meeting Bishop Gorman again in the State Championship again….150829_0179

This was not a common sight tonight… Reed running the ball….150829_0184

Just like this shot so I had to put it in… bodies flying….Carson Senator Joe Nelson being bought down by a Reed Defender.As nice as it was for the fellas to be able to play under the lights in Mackay Stadium… that was ALL they got to do… they couldn’t even go in the locker rooms at half time… kinda tacky UNR… not exactly the way to show potential future players what your program has to offer… I’m 100% positive if any of them go on a recruiting trip ANYWHERE they’ll at least be shown the locker room….

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2014 NIAA Northern Region Championship Football, Carson vs. Reed

The 2014 NIAA Northern Regional Division 1 Championship was played today at Bishop Manogue High School.  The Reed Raiders came away the winner of the game by three 28-25 after a back and forth battle between these two divisional powerhouse teams….

There will be plenty of words from the RGJ, the Nevada Appeal and the Sparks Tribune… so I’m going to go a completely different route with my post today…. No question I’m disappointed for the Carson fellas… I’ve been covering these young fellas since I first started in this area back in 2007… and as hard as this loss is today, I know there are a lot of lessons that will stick with these fellas for years to come because of this team.  I know I’ll be seeing a lot of you in other sports this year but I wish all you graduating seniors the very best of luck with your future.  You made a town proud!

There are 1,101 photos in the Carson High Varsity Football gallery for this year.  It’s been quite a season fellas… we started this back on August 30th down in California.  Thanks for the memories this year boys!

On to the photos from today… as I mentioned I’m going to take a completely different direction today… as I’m sure you could see there were A LOT of photographers on the field today… A LOT… one simple reason… that big bright thing in the sky… the sun.  This was the first game this season that many of us have had the opportunity to shoot in daylight.  It’s not quite like a ground hog but also not far off… 🙂  So because of that we all come out in packs… and I’m going to take this in even a more specific direction… the eyes…  As I was going through all my images today I noticed that I have a lot of shots of the players eyes today, not close up per say but you can see the intensity, you can see the direction… you can see the communication the eyes give… so take a look and “see”… 🙂

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