2011 Carson High JV Softball Team…

Spent some time with the Carson High JV Softball team today… we had some good laughs… They wanted me to strike a “new” pose for them for their individual photos… I explained I was an old GUY and it just wouldn’t have the same effect… They wrap up their season this week!  Can’t believe the high school seasons are just about over!

Opening Day for Carson City Little League!!

Photos inside today in the new indoor facility!

This photo is from a top the Field 2 Press Box for the “league” photo… this during the national anthem… I’ve talked about this before… this is one of the greatest things, hearing the National Anthem, the flag flying in the background, the beautiful horizons we have here… God Bless all those that make all of this possible… What a Country!

My Girls…

When my oldest (now 2 3/4 years old) was first born I had this idea to take her photos of her like this, she needed to be old enough to be on her belly and hold herself up with her arms… that was about 5 months old… there are three 16×20’s on the wall in my office of her… now our second is about the same age (we’re off by two weeks…) so today we took the photos of her…  Enjoy!  Can you tell me who’s who?

Softball and Baseball… Northern Nevada “Spring” Sports…

If you’re not familiar with Northern Nevada in March… here’s an example… before it started snowing today I was out with the Carson High JV Softball team to take their team photo for the yearbook… at that time, at the weather station that I view close to my house on the internet… the winds were blowing at a constant above 20 miles per hour with gusts as high as 56 miles per hour… you know, interstate legal speeds, wouldn’t want to impede traffic… ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  Come on Mother Nature, have some pity on us…

Anyway, it was fun hanging out with the team for a bit waiting for one of the coaches to arrive… I’m looking forward to nicer weather, greener fields and beautiful mountains in the background when we take their “real” team and individual photos, they’ll look a lot nicer and we won’t have horizontal hair issues.  Stay tuned!

Call for Students, Camera Class soon…

Getting a new camera for Christmas (oh, you’re not supposed to know, shhhh, I won’t tell…)

Want to know how to make your camera give you the results you expect?

Bring your camera and take my camera class!!

If you’re interested, please let me know so I can book a space and get food arranged.

It will run about three hours or until your head explodes… photo geeks can talk shutter for longer than should be allowed… it includes dinner and it’s best if you can bring your camera!   Don’t have one yet… that’s OK, you’ll get to try everyone else’s before you make the decision which one you want to buy!!

Here’s a basic outline of the class…

This class fills in the missing part between what your camera manual tells you and buying a photography book on photography techniques. We discuss some photography fundamentals and then get into the functions of your camera and how to adjust your settings to make the photos you want to make. It lasts about three hours or as long as you can stand… Here’s part of the class handout…

• Common Problems you have and/or want to “fix”.

Basic Basics
• Canon, Leica, Mamiya, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sigma, Sony….
• Holding your camera
• Mega Pixels, do I care?
• JPEG vs. RAW
• Crop Factor: Full Frame, 1.3 (Canon), 1.5 (Nikon), 1.6 (Canon)
• Red Eye
Camera Basics
• What do you “gain” by moving up the camera line?
• Your camera, the super computer
• Basic Zones, Scene Modes, Point & Shoot Modes (the little pictures)
• Camera Modes, Manual, A or AV, T or TV and P
• Seeing the Light
• Depth of Field
• Focus Point
• Exposure Compensation
• White Balance

• Lenses
• Flash

Get in touch with me at (775) 790-1121 or jeff@instaimage.com  Once you’ve confirmed attendance I’ll send you a brief on-line survey so I know a little about our class members… and I promise not to pick on you if you shoot Nikon.  🙂

Carson Homecoming Domination…

52 points in the first half, the offense converted, the defense got the ball back with great field position, special teams converted when asked… just a Carson night!

Here’s a photo of Danny Gall, the center, always mixing it up in there, tough to get a good photo of the center!

And one of the Cheer Squad, ran into the Cheer Coach at the Post Office before the game, fun week for all the Carson High students…