2015 LSP High School Senior All Star Basketball Games, Carson High School

Local Sports Program held their annual Senior All Star Basketball games tonight at Carson High School… It was great to see some of these players in action again.  Check out more in the galleries.

2015 Girls

2015 Boys

150526_7701 Hailee Simpson Elko High School Brianna Holt, Bishop Manogue High School Tara Garcia, Wooster High School Clint Hess, Virginia City High School Jeff Evett, Fallon High School Colin Bernard, Bishop Manogue High School Christian Gray, Lowry High School Dilyn Rooker, Carson High School LSP Senior All Star Boys Basketball

NIAA Regional Girls Soccer… Douglas vs. Spanish Springs @ Carson High

It’s been a busy busy week (more in a few days, the week isn’t over yet…)… but I got to catch the NIAA Regional Girls Soccer match on Thursday night at Carson High between the Spanish Springs High Cougars and the Douglas High Tigers…  The Douglas girls started quick, as in 19 seconds into the game they fired their first shot on goal…  Douglas walked a way with a 4-1 win and ended with most of their starters resting on the bench.  Douglas will play Galena who went into penalty kicks (so they played the equivalent of an extra half of play… then kicks…) against Bishop Manogue.  The Regional Championship will be at Damonte Ranch High School at Noon on Saturday, November 8, 2014.

Here are a few shots from the night…

Sometimes you make mistakes… but sometimes it comes pretty cool… well in a photo geeky kinda way I guess! 🙂

141106_3887 141106_3918 I liked the “drive” of the players here… I can feel them moving… 🙂141106_3937I’ve been shooting McKenna for quite a few years and there’s no doubt she’s a goal scorer, look at the focus on watching the ball… need to show all the youth players this… watching the ball as you strike through it… you hit it well, you’ll have plenty of time to celebrate it going in the goal… just as it did here!

Looking forward to the Regional Championship on Saturday!141106_3950

2014 NIAA Northern Region Football, Carson vs. Spanish Springs @ Carson

Just a few photos from the night… the game was… well I’ll steal a description from one of the TV fellas… sloppy.  Yes, one team “won”, if you can call it that… neither team ever grabbed the game by the face mask and took control… Ahhhhh, that’s high school sports! 🙂

Carson’s Asa Carter picks off a Spanish Springs pass.
Spanish Springs Tight End Jacob White turns up the field to try to gain some yardage against Carson.
Carson’s Logan Menzel celebrating his sack during the game!
Carson’s Tyler Rogers disrupting a Spanish Springs pass play.
Carson’s Nolan Shine on one of his many “keepers” during the game. The Carson O-Line made several holes for Nolan during the game, including a long TD run.
Despite heavy pressure from the Carson D-Line, Spanish Springs QB Jase Ryals fights to make a pass.

2013 High School Baseball Carson, Galena, Spanish Springs @ Galena… Scrimmage…

A FULL day of baseball for me today… three high school games… Nothing like jumping right into high school baseball season with three “scrimmage” games.  Lots of action, lots of hours… 🙂

Here’s some of the action, check out more at the links for the schools on the side or under photo galleries.

I’ll start off with my favorite photo of the day… you can really see the grit flyin’ in there! … almost to the bag, almost in the glove… which one first… 🙂130302_Carson_instaimage_Baseball_Safe at 2nd130302_Carson_instaimage_Baseball_Ball Meet BatA special shout out to Ben and Family!!  THANK YOU!!!130302_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Ball Meet Bat This happens when you’re “over lensed”… if that’s a word… having too “big” of a lens but I still tried to get something… I’ve never shot at Galena before so it was certainly a learning experience!130302_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Catcher Near Out Late (… LATE) in the day this fella came up and showed THIS!  My first real look and attempt at a side armed pitcher… kinda fun… check out the gallery for more of his “action”…130302_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Sidearm Pitcher 130302_Spanish Springs_instaimage_Baseball_Ball Meet Bat 130302_Spanish Springs_instaimage_Baseball_Catcher Throw Thought I’d try this and it worked…! I was shooting all the pitchers today with a 300mm lens… this pitcher was REALLY striding out and going very “low”… so I grabbed the 400mm and shot this!  This is full frame… no crop, nada… fun stuff… in that photo geek kinda way. 🙂130302_Spanish Springs_instaimage_Baseball_Pitcher

2013 Girls NIAA Regional Basketball Semifinals at Carson High

Put two more NIAA Northern Regional Semifinals in the books and get ready for two great Championships tomorrow!!

Bishop Manogue defeated defending Nevada State Champion Reed in the first game tonight and Reno defeated Spanish Springs in the second, Manogue will face Reno Saturday at 4:00 PM for the NIAA Northern Region Division 1 Championship (at Carson High).

Here’s a glimpse of the action from tonight… check out all the images in the galleries for each school.130215_Manogue_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Drive Isn’t there usually a “story” that goes along with a photo like this? 🙂  Manogue burned nearly two minutes off the clock with Kelly Lujan dribbling the ball, and at times standing on one foot… she’s really cleaning off her shoes for more grip on the floor… 🙂130215_Manogue_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Stand 130215_Reed_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Drive 130215_Reno_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Battle 130215_Reno_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Drive 130215_Spanish Springs_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Drive

2012 Carson High Soccer vs. Spanish Springs: The Dance

Four games today at Carson High vs. Spanish Springs… I was a tad late to the first game… late night and a lot to do this morning before I got there just before halftime…  I’ll get right into the photos… Varsity boys tied 0-0… a classic midfield battle… not a very exciting game for those that don’t particularly like soccer… but when you get two of the best teams in the North State on the same pitch… Varsity girls went to Carson 2-1 BUT… it was much like the boys, two top teams… a midfield duel for sure.

Normally I only use images from the Varsity games but I have a “theme” to my images tonight… I’m calling it “The Dance”… 🙂

You can dance solo, with the ball…

You can dance with a partner… but don’t forget the ball…You can dance with a partner AROUND the ball…You can grab your partner’s arm (not really quite legal but we’re dancing here…) and lead them round the field…

Or you can test if your partner can guess your next move… (this is one of my very favorite moments in soccer… you are so confident you can beat that guy, what move are you going to take out of your bag of tricks and leave him standing… soccer is all about change of direction and pace, this is a classic moment in the game, the better you are at THIS moment the better you are period.  Fun stuff!)