2013 High School Baseball Carson, Galena, Spanish Springs @ Galena… Scrimmage…

A FULL day of baseball for me today… three high school games… Nothing like jumping right into high school baseball season with three “scrimmage” games.  Lots of action, lots of hours… 🙂

Here’s some of the action, check out more at the links for the schools on the side or under photo galleries.

I’ll start off with my favorite photo of the day… you can really see the grit flyin’ in there! … almost to the bag, almost in the glove… which one first… 🙂130302_Carson_instaimage_Baseball_Safe at 2nd130302_Carson_instaimage_Baseball_Ball Meet BatA special shout out to Ben and Family!!  THANK YOU!!!130302_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Ball Meet Bat This happens when you’re “over lensed”… if that’s a word… having too “big” of a lens but I still tried to get something… I’ve never shot at Galena before so it was certainly a learning experience!130302_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Catcher Near Out Late (… LATE) in the day this fella came up and showed THIS!  My first real look and attempt at a side armed pitcher… kinda fun… check out the gallery for more of his “action”…130302_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Sidearm Pitcher 130302_Spanish Springs_instaimage_Baseball_Ball Meet Bat 130302_Spanish Springs_instaimage_Baseball_Catcher Throw Thought I’d try this and it worked…! I was shooting all the pitchers today with a 300mm lens… this pitcher was REALLY striding out and going very “low”… so I grabbed the 400mm and shot this!  This is full frame… no crop, nada… fun stuff… in that photo geek kinda way. 🙂130302_Spanish Springs_instaimage_Baseball_Pitcher