2012 Carson High Soccer vs. Spanish Springs: The Dance

Four games today at Carson High vs. Spanish Springs… I was a tad late to the first game… late night and a lot to do this morning before I got there just before halftime…  I’ll get right into the photos… Varsity boys tied 0-0… a classic midfield battle… not a very exciting game for those that don’t particularly like soccer… but when you get two of the best teams in the North State on the same pitch… Varsity girls went to Carson 2-1 BUT… it was much like the boys, two top teams… a midfield duel for sure.

Normally I only use images from the Varsity games but I have a “theme” to my images tonight… I’m calling it “The Dance”… 🙂

You can dance solo, with the ball…

You can dance with a partner… but don’t forget the ball…You can dance with a partner AROUND the ball…You can grab your partner’s arm (not really quite legal but we’re dancing here…) and lead them round the field…

Or you can test if your partner can guess your next move… (this is one of my very favorite moments in soccer… you are so confident you can beat that guy, what move are you going to take out of your bag of tricks and leave him standing… soccer is all about change of direction and pace, this is a classic moment in the game, the better you are at THIS moment the better you are period.  Fun stuff!)

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