NIAA Regional Girls Soccer… Douglas vs. Spanish Springs @ Carson High

It’s been a busy busy week (more in a few days, the week isn’t over yet…)… but I got to catch the NIAA Regional Girls Soccer match on Thursday night at Carson High between the Spanish Springs High Cougars and the Douglas High Tigers…  The Douglas girls started quick, as in 19 seconds into the game they fired their first shot on goal…  Douglas walked a way with a 4-1 win and ended with most of their starters resting on the bench.  Douglas will play Galena who went into penalty kicks (so they played the equivalent of an extra half of play… then kicks…) against Bishop Manogue.  The Regional Championship will be at Damonte Ranch High School at Noon on Saturday, November 8, 2014.

Here are a few shots from the night…

Sometimes you make mistakes… but sometimes it comes pretty cool… well in a photo geeky kinda way I guess! 🙂

141106_3887 141106_3918 I liked the “drive” of the players here… I can feel them moving… 🙂141106_3937I’ve been shooting McKenna for quite a few years and there’s no doubt she’s a goal scorer, look at the focus on watching the ball… need to show all the youth players this… watching the ball as you strike through it… you hit it well, you’ll have plenty of time to celebrate it going in the goal… just as it did here!

Looking forward to the Regional Championship on Saturday!141106_3950

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