NIAA 4A Regional Playoff Baseball @ Carson High

What a day of baseball… the weather was amazing, the field looked great… today Carson hosted Damonte Ranch and Bishop Manogue played Galena.  The first game didn’t end well for Carson… their journey into the championships is now over.  Damonte came out swinging and kept right on swinging themselves into a ten run sixth inning win over the Senators…

The second game, Manogue vs. Galena was a great baseball game… probably the best I’ve seen all year.  I think all the elements that make up a great “competition” all wrapped up into one game… and right until the end it was a close battle… It’s always very interesting for me to see new teams and see their “style”…. Galena took the win from Manogue ending Manogue’s run today.  Galena will play Damonte tomorrow at 1:00 PM at Manogue (the Regional host) and the winner of that will play McQueen at 4:00 PM.

I’m going to get straight to the photos because I have some that I’m very happy with after all the action today!  Some really fun stuff!!

This throw didn’t quite hit the mark… Rory knocked it down to keep it close… made for a pretty cool shot!

This one hit the mark and the runner’s out!

I haven’t seen TJ pitch since 2008… the look on his face when I told him I was going to dig one out of the archives… 🙂  Not trying to embarrass you TJ, just showing where you’ve come from…

This shot is from the 2008 Hooligan tournament in Gardnerville…  I’ll remember this tournament for a long time!  Carson American and Carson National ended up meeting each other in the Semi-Final… TJ was “notorious” for that tournament, he threw it hard, I think he hit a few kids… he was “feared”!  🙂  Good times!

… and on to the second game…

There was A LOT of action in this one!This is actually a bit out of historic sequence… but… the helmet and the arm wrapped around the leg… I love it all!I covered Ryan at Douglas a few years ago… I wish the ball was in this shot but the runner blocked that shot, love the flying throw!This was a great effort to keep the ball in the infield… but it wasn’t quite enough… and led to the next shot….

This is one of my favorite of the year!  It has a lot of things that sum up the game!... and late in the game a very LOOONNNGGG stretch for an out!