Carson Douglas Baseball… the final meeting of the 2012 season…

The Last Carson Douglas game of the season ended with one team going on and the other ending their season… there were a lot of hits, a lot of base runners, some errors, a crowd that was active in the game… all the things that make an end of season tournament game exciting!

In the end Carson took the win from Douglas 7-6 to advance in the NIAA 4A Northern Regional Championships.  At 1:00 PM Tomorrow Carson will face Damonte Ranch who upset Manogue in the first round 1-0 and who lost today to the League Ranked #2 Reno High team today.  The 4:00 PM game at Carson tomorrow will be Galena vs. Manogue.

Here are some photos from today’s action.

My season shooting Douglas started with a very similar photo to this first one of Caleb Foster.  Stay tuned everyone… Caleb’s a freshman!

I needed a horizontal shot of TJ to replace a photo in “the book”….  Hope you like this one better TJ! 🙂We were all kinda scratching out heads on this play… 🙂  Sorry Carter…I just had to get that leg kick… trick is though he doesn’t do it when there are runners on base… so you have to watch and notice these types of things.… one of Senior Cody Begovich’s last at bats as a high school player…
Gonna pick on Carter a bit more… (Sorry Carter…)  This photo reminds me of a goalkeeper coach (soccer, and no, I didn’t play goalkeeper but when you’re young you learn all the positions…) that I had a VERY VERY long time ago (about ten year before these fellas were even born…)… but he said something that has stuck with me all this time… “… always make it look easy…”  I’ve included this photo to poke a little fun at Carter but also to make mention of what I’ll call some photographic luck.  Carson’s field sits such that the sun blasts in later in the afternoon making a lot of what you’re shooting backlit… So if you’re paying attention you can get a really cool rim light effect around a player from the sun… like in this photo, see the top of his arm and the side of his face, the top of his leg, his glove, etc… but here, the underside of his arm is being lit by his white pants reflecting back onto his arm, almost as if you were using a reflector or a light source to get some light there… kinda cool luck! (I know, photo geek stuff…)