What was supposed to be…

Well… I had every intention of shooting the NIAA 4A State Baseball Championship game… as I’m sitting here at home typing… it is JUST now starting… the original game time was 3:00… two “if” games in the two other NIAA State Title games being played at Peccole Park at UNR pushed the 4A game back… I’m heading out of town tomorrow and have 100 things to do and time for two… 🙂  So goes spring for us!

So… I still got some shooting in today, just a bit… in the first NIAA 1A State Championship game Virginia City faced Pahranagat Valley…  These shots are from that game. (side note, Game 2 in the books, Pahranagat Valley is the 1A State Champ!)

Having only seen NIAA Northern 4A baseball… seeing this game was interesting! 🙂

First let me say… photographically, the light was AMAZING today!!  Check out the photos, NO shadows on the ground!  That’s a DREAM!  You also don’t get the nasty harsh shadows across the faces that hats create!  My findings are this is very rare for an outdoor stadium in late May….  I’ll take it! 🙂

What appears to be an OUCH pending… but… it led to the next photo…

So… this photo isn’t all that interesting or impressive or… but it’s the first time I have every taken a photo of the player to the left of the umpire throwing the ball to third… I can’t even say 99 times out of 100 you have the catcher to the right (it’s more…)… I thought it just looked odd, things out of place…  This throw to third was a very common occurrence in this first game as the Virginia City team was being very aggressive with the base running. Here’s another… the result was a stolen base for Virginia City.

(remember I mentioned the light… check out the lack of shadows on the ground and on the faces…!!!) 🙂

Photo lesson time…

See the next two photos.  Focus on the ball.

Just last night someone asked me about cameras… what should they buy? Here’s a perfect example of how your settings effect your results…  This first shot was taken at 1/800th of a second.  See how the ball is elongated, like a tube?  That’s at 1/800th of a second.  The second shot was taken at 1/3200th of a second… the ball is STILL blurred a bit but not nearly as much as the first image… to freeze the action, you can see what you’re facing!

… and to finish… just some other random shots… nothing as exciting as the last game’s photos… 🙂

I really like how the colors of the Pahranagat Valley team’s jerseys POP!  That bright yellow against the blue… call me a simple color guy… primary and secondary colors at their best!  🙂 (my family is rolling their eyes at my color wheel soap box…)Laying down a bunt… This was a VERY VERY different place for me to have to be… I’m used to much better “access” at home.  🙂  more photo lessons… never a dull moment in the life of a photographer.