2014 NIAA Northern Region Division 1 Baseball, Manogue vs. Carson High at Manogue

It’s my first baseball post of the season and we only have one more week in the regular season… Life and business are keeping me a bit more busy than I can really handle right now… the alternative is far worse so I can’t complain….  Stay tuned for some “advancements” coming soon… 🙂

So, I made the trek to Manogue today, one of the Manogue fellas was asking about who/what I was shooting for… this is the fifth season I’ve been making the trip up to Manogue for this series… hard to believe that!  Looking back at the first year and comparing those to today’s photos… my has a lot changed in equipment…!

On to the photos… Manogue won today… 10-0 in 4 ½ innings…

No MLB Replay needed here, the umpire got this one right… good call Blue!

140501_7029 This was the first game I’ve seen Chase pitch… the “light” on the pitchers at the Manogue field is quite nice… nearly complete front light… 140501_7035I promise, he’s not really this mean looking normally… I just had to post this one… the look on his face is pretty intense!
140501_7052 That is not Photoshop dirt… 🙂140501_7069 Dom was waiting for the runner to arrive on this one…140501_7079 Joe’s throw to Josiah… see what happened next with the next image…140501_7106 Josiah in a rundown back to first… runner out!140501_7111 Got some OK ball shots today!140501_7133 140501_7139 Here’s that front light again… nearly no shadows, great stuff… photo geeky stuff, but…140501_7143 Welcome back to the Mound Jace!  His first pitches of the season.140501_7159 You have to watch out Megan… that shutter can click off a few shots pretty quick!  You’re a great sport about it too!140501_7182