2015 NIAA Northern Region Division 1 Baseball, Bishop Manogue vs. Carson High, April 4, 2015

Boy, what a game! Hits, runs, home runs, stolen bases and even an ejection!  What a baseball game!  Carson visited Bishop Manogue today for the first of their home and away series with the Miners and walked away with a win, 7-6.  The Senators jumped out in front in the second inning 4-1 after their coach was ejected from the game…  Pretty shockingly (at least to me…) the NIAA scheduled an umpire with a previous ejection of a Carson High Coach at the end of last season… it quickly looked very reminiscent of that evening last spring…. if you’re going to be an umpire you need to have patience and pretty thick skin…

The game went down the the 7th inning and Manogue was battling but Carson relief pitcher, Senior Brandon Allen was able to battle through and get the last outs needed to give Carson the win.  The battle continues on Monday at 6:00 PM at Carson High.  Hope to see you out there!

Here are some shots from today’s game…

Alec West-Guillen
Alec West-Guillen

Bishop Manogue Miner Pitcher Alec West-Guillen, LOVE his facial expressions when he’s pitching!Carson Senator Senior Brandon Allen leading his team onto the scoreboard in the second inning!
Carson Senator Brandon AllenI always wonder what they’re saying… 🙂Alec West Guillen chats with Shon PlamondonManogue has turf on the infield, the one thing photographically you loose when there’s no dirt infield is that little puff of dirt when the ball hits the glove… have to get that Monday night instead @ Carson.Bishop Manogue Catcher Shon PlamandonJesse Lopez fielding a ball in left field.Carson Sentator Jesse LopezBrandon Allen tagging Anthony Galati out at third base.
Carson third baseman Brandon Allen tags Manogue runner Anthony GalatiI love Manogue’s scoreboard… makes a nice background for Webb Charles as he throws to first for an out.Bishop Manogue Miner Webb CharlesThe forces of baseball… even on a young person’s arm… love the face Connor Pradere, so much focus!Carson Senator Connor PradereSenior Senator Brandon Allen getting it done on the mound…Carson Senator Pitcher Brandon AllenI love side arm guys… they’re body goes into the most graceful of positions… he looks like the π (pi) symbol to me… even has the little kick up of the front foot… 🙂 Manogue Pitcher Benjamin Rawlins.Bishop Manogue Miner Ben Rawlins