2013 NIAA Varsity Football… Carson High vs. Galena High…

What a night for High School Football in Northern Nevada… particularly the games at Carson High and Douglas High… After three weeks of “league play”, what most in the North State had predicted and seen through the the first four weeks of “cross league” play has been thrown out the window…

I’ve been anticipating this Carson/Galena game all year.  After last year’s thrashing Carson took at Galena (on senior night…) and knowing this would be Senior night for the Senators, I knew it would be a good matchup at Carson High. I hadn’t seen Galena play yet this year but when I saw the score last week of the Galena/Manogue game last Saturday I instantly got very excited about this game… and WOW, it did not disappoint!

As I was looking over the photos to choose for this post something became very clear to me, this was a battle, and a battle EVERYWHERE on the field.  Clearly with an ending score of 27-26 you can tell that there’s a lot more to the story and I would encourage you to get the newspapers and if possible get the game film and watch it… I can’t really add much… so enjoy the photos. 🙂

The Senators take the field… Congrats Seniors, tonight was your night!
131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Take the Field

An early attempt by Galena… but incomplete (looks good in the photo…)131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_Almost caught

For me, the game didn’t really get interesting until the second half, which is pretty typical for me at a Carson High game… there’s a magical power in the Carson High locker room during halftime… that magic is the Carson High Coaching Staff….

This play stood out to me at the time… what seems like a simple point after attempt struck me… those Senators are pretty close… it would prove profound later in the game!

131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_block the kick

Joey Thurman attempting a punt return…131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Joey Thurman Punt Return Nevin Elliot “bulldozing” for yards…131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Nevin Elliott Run The Carson High Secondary taking the battle to the air…131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Stop the pass Galena Quarterback Brock Raggio looking for a receiver…131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_Brock Raggio Looking Galena Running Back Ben Barnard looking for extra yards…131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_Ben Barnard Run Brock Raggio passing for second half yards…131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_Brock Raggio pass Joey Thurman gaining yards…131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Joey Thurman Run 131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Joey Thurman Run 2The battle continued…131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_Bring down NevinA Galena catch deep in Carson’s end… not a particularly good photo but I tried… and I actually got the catch… had the “big” lens up to my eye so I swung it around and tried to “catch” the action…131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_CaughtTouchdown Galena!131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_Touchdown… and the following onside kick, recovered by Ben Barnard.131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_Onside kickThe anticipation of the last real play of the game… (Carson took a knee to end it with 16 seconds to go…)
131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_anticipationThe Jubilation after Galena’s failed field goal attempt…131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Jubilation

I think these guys were happy… 🙂131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Double BackRemember my mention about the Carson coaching staff above… … the message from Coach Roman, enjoy the night boys, practice tomorrow 8:30 AM… We have work to do for Thursday’s game…
131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_The Drivers Seat Indeed enjoy the night fellas… Your last regular season home game was a great one!131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Last League Home Game

2013 NIAA Northern Region Division 1 Playoff Baseball… Galena vs. Carson

The weather has finally come and dropped a bunch of water on the high school baseball tournament fields in Northern Nevada… which caused some creative scheduling with today’s games, several having to be moved due to unplayable conditions… tonight Galena hosted Carson at Carson’s Ron McNutt field (for those of you that don’t know… Coach McNutt is now coaching at Galena… so a bit of a homecoming for Coach McNutt…)

Galena ended their season in a four way tie for second place with a 16-6 record and entered the playoffs, due to the tie-break system in the 5th spot.  Carson ended in 8th with a 7-15 record.  Tonight’s game went to Galena who will face Spanish Springs tomorrow in the next round of the playoffs… Check out the NIAA Site for the full bracket….

Something a little different tonight… I’ve been learning about time lapse photography and thought I’d give it a try… this is a 1:43 “movie” from the warmups and the entire game tonight… I’ve gotta do some more research regarding the players… but the sky is quite cool until it gets dark… then it’s just… well… dark 🙂

And here are some additional shots from the night… no particular order… 🙂  There are many many more in the galleries from the season.  Please contact me with any questions regarding the galleries.  Thanks fellas for another season!

130508_Carson High Baseball Playoffs_Casey batting 130508_Carson High Baseball Playoffs_Charlie pitching 130508_Carson High Baseball Playoffs_Dom sliding under 130508_Carson High Baseball Playoffs_Luke bunting 130508_Galena High Baseball Playoffs 2013_Tockey Pitching 130508_Galena High Baseball Playoffs_First base safe 130508_Galena High Baseball Playoffs_Hitting 130508_Galena High Baseball Playoffs_Jones Hitting

2013 Galena High Baseball vs. Douglas

I’m back posting to the blog! 🙂  Been out to games lately (adding to the galleries…) but just not posting to the blog, I’ve been working on a project for our old time studio in Monterey, CA (Doc Wenzel’s Old Time Portraits) that consumed a lot of time last week… just “implemented” it on Monday this week….

I made the trek up to Galena today to shoot the Galena Douglas game… and just as I figured it was a great game!  This was the second Galena game I’ve been to which ended with a walk off home run to end the game… there’s more to the story though… it’s been the same player in both games…!  This time I got it! 🙂 Go Ben!

SUPER windy & rainy… that’s the beauty of baseball photos, you can’t really tell that, they wear caps! Also with a little overcast the harsh shadows on the faces go away… makes for “better” lighting, even though it was a “yucky” day there’s “better” light so possibly “better” photos…

Here’s some action from the day…

Douglas catcher Caleb Foster ready to make the throw to first for an out….

Jimmy King swinging for a hit.
130404_Douglas_instaimage_Baseball_Hit 2 Dillon Lopez added several hits to make this a game!130404_Douglas_instaimage_Baseball_HitDouglas’ “workhorse” pitcher Kyle Johnson… great quote in the RGJ from Coach Jacobsen!
130404_Douglas_instaimage_Baseball_Pitcher Kyle Starting pitcher Nathan Barry for Galena.130404_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_first pitch Relief pitcher Dylan Tockey.130404_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_pitch… and after a BUNCH of bench “posturing” from both sides… visits to the mound, chats with batters… we ended the game with this series…

I wonder what Coach McNutt said to Ben Barnard… must have been good…130404_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Home Run talk… it lead to this…130404_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Home Run… which lead to this!  Great shot Ben!130404_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Home Run Celebration

2013 Galena High Baseball vs. Carson…

The Grizzlies hosted Carson Tuesday for the first of their series… it started out looking like it was going to be quite a game, runs scoring, one team scores, the other answers… then we got to the 4th inning… Carson opened with three runs and the Galena flood gates opened with 9 runs.  The game ended in the bottom of the 5th inning with a Ben Barnard grand slam to put the game in the books 17-6!

The series continues at Carson Thursday evening under the lights, 6:00 First pitch.  The game is a White out for Carson with a gate promo for wearing white.  Get out and support your team for an evening game at Carson High.

Here are a few shots from the 3:45 PM game at Galena…

The ball going out… I usually get it coming in… 🙂 this series in the gallery has both…130326_Carson_instaimage_Baseball_Dom at Bat… it’s JUST about there…130326_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Catcher Is he safe? Is he out?130326_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_dive to first130326_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Ben Hit

2013 High School Baseball Carson, Galena, Spanish Springs @ Galena… Scrimmage…

A FULL day of baseball for me today… three high school games… Nothing like jumping right into high school baseball season with three “scrimmage” games.  Lots of action, lots of hours… 🙂

Here’s some of the action, check out more at the links for the schools on the side or under photo galleries.

I’ll start off with my favorite photo of the day… you can really see the grit flyin’ in there! … almost to the bag, almost in the glove… which one first… 🙂130302_Carson_instaimage_Baseball_Safe at 2nd130302_Carson_instaimage_Baseball_Ball Meet BatA special shout out to Ben and Family!!  THANK YOU!!!130302_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Ball Meet Bat This happens when you’re “over lensed”… if that’s a word… having too “big” of a lens but I still tried to get something… I’ve never shot at Galena before so it was certainly a learning experience!130302_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Catcher Near Out Late (… LATE) in the day this fella came up and showed THIS!  My first real look and attempt at a side armed pitcher… kinda fun… check out the gallery for more of his “action”…130302_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Sidearm Pitcher 130302_Spanish Springs_instaimage_Baseball_Ball Meet Bat 130302_Spanish Springs_instaimage_Baseball_Catcher Throw Thought I’d try this and it worked…! I was shooting all the pitchers today with a 300mm lens… this pitcher was REALLY striding out and going very “low”… so I grabbed the 400mm and shot this!  This is full frame… no crop, nada… fun stuff… in that photo geek kinda way. 🙂130302_Spanish Springs_instaimage_Baseball_Pitcher

2013 Boys NIAA Northern Region Basketball Semifinals… at Carson High

After two great semifinal games… the 2013 Boys NIAA Northern Regional Championship will see the hometown Carson Senators taking on the visiting Hug Hawks!

In front of a packed house…!!!  I was expecting two great games… four teams to show up and put it all out there… and that’s exactly what I got! 🙂  Thank you fellas!!  Check out more from each team in the galleries… here’s a few from the night…

130214_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Alan

Don’t think for a minute that McQueen just let Carson have a free basket!130214_McQueen_instaimage_Boys Basketball_SWAT

I cover Carson a lot… this is my favorite photo of Matt Nolan… if you know Matt, you’ll understand why.  To me this is just Matt being Matt… 🙂
130214_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Matt

A Carson High Cheerleader… with good reason to smile!  They’re headed to the Regional Championship!
130214_Carson_instaimage_Cheer_Smile Galena had to fight for EVERY point against Hug… The Hawks were too much for Galena tonight.130214_Galena_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Drive Mr. Sam doin’ his thing!130214_Hug_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Dunk

2012 Galena High Football vs. Carson…

Rough night for the Senators at Galena.  This is the second game of the Grizzlies I’ve seen, they come ready to play and pumped up!  Then, they play hard… tonight was no different, and it was Senior night as well.

I’ve got an early morning and long day tomorrow out at Carson High shooting soccer all day… So here are some photos from the game tonight!

This is one of my favorite for the season so far!I still can’t quite figure out what happened here, it was a normal pass play but the ending looked strange… bodies flying in strange directions… Carson was going from photo left to right at the time… see what I mean?  Kinda strange….Love getting these where you can see into the face mask, see the eyes…Galena had Carson’s number tonight… 42-0 was the final score.

2012 Douglas High Football… vs Galena High…

Based on how the year for Douglas has gone so far if you had told me this one would be high scoring I would have agreed… if you would have tried to convince me that half of the stuff that went on tonight would happen… interceptions, a safety, kick off reverse touchdown, etc. I would not have believed it…

Combined scores for 100 total points… 57-43 Galena was the final… I’m not even remotely a “student” of the game of football, it still baffles me why they do (or try) some of the things they do… this will be an eternal debate between soccer players and football players… but there was no shortage of “excitement” tonight!

Just a few photos here, check the galleries for both teams for more game action!  Out early for Carson-Douglas Soccer tomorrow at Douglas (4 games starting at 9:00 am).

I couldn’t resist this one… can you tell who is on offense?  This was called pass interference on the… offense… Galena was given the penalty on this one!

And this was the very last image I shot tonight… the runner is the older brother of Will, who’s my poster child for two of my baseball collages… and while that is of significance… I love the Douglas player’s face too much to pass it up!  … not to mention his “horizontal-ness”…  Expressions can make such an impact on an image!  🙂

The North State Division 1 Football standings are certainly going to be VERY interesting this year!  This result, Damonte edging Carson… what a ride we’re going to be on for the next few weeks!!  Hold on and keep an eye on the site for more action here!

NIAA 4A Regional Playoff Baseball @ Carson High

What a day of baseball… the weather was amazing, the field looked great… today Carson hosted Damonte Ranch and Bishop Manogue played Galena.  The first game didn’t end well for Carson… their journey into the championships is now over.  Damonte came out swinging and kept right on swinging themselves into a ten run sixth inning win over the Senators…

The second game, Manogue vs. Galena was a great baseball game… probably the best I’ve seen all year.  I think all the elements that make up a great “competition” all wrapped up into one game… and right until the end it was a close battle… It’s always very interesting for me to see new teams and see their “style”…. Galena took the win from Manogue ending Manogue’s run today.  Galena will play Damonte tomorrow at 1:00 PM at Manogue (the Regional host) and the winner of that will play McQueen at 4:00 PM.

I’m going to get straight to the photos because I have some that I’m very happy with after all the action today!  Some really fun stuff!!

This throw didn’t quite hit the mark… Rory knocked it down to keep it close… made for a pretty cool shot!

This one hit the mark and the runner’s out!

I haven’t seen TJ pitch since 2008… the look on his face when I told him I was going to dig one out of the archives… 🙂  Not trying to embarrass you TJ, just showing where you’ve come from…

This shot is from the 2008 Hooligan tournament in Gardnerville…  I’ll remember this tournament for a long time!  Carson American and Carson National ended up meeting each other in the Semi-Final… TJ was “notorious” for that tournament, he threw it hard, I think he hit a few kids… he was “feared”!  🙂  Good times!

… and on to the second game…

There was A LOT of action in this one!This is actually a bit out of historic sequence… but… the helmet and the arm wrapped around the leg… I love it all!I covered Ryan at Douglas a few years ago… I wish the ball was in this shot but the runner blocked that shot, love the flying throw!This was a great effort to keep the ball in the infield… but it wasn’t quite enough… and led to the next shot….

This is one of my favorite of the year!  It has a lot of things that sum up the game!... and late in the game a very LOOONNNGGG stretch for an out!