2013 Galena High Baseball vs. Douglas

I’m back posting to the blog! đŸ™‚  Been out to games lately (adding to the galleries…) but just not posting to the blog, I’ve been working on a project for our old time studio in Monterey, CA (Doc Wenzel’s Old Time Portraits) that consumed a lot of time last week… just “implemented” it on Monday this week….

I made the trek up to Galena today to shoot the Galena Douglas game… and just as I figured it was a great game!  This was the second Galena game I’ve been to which ended with a walk off home run to end the game… there’s more to the story though… it’s been the same player in both games…!  This time I got it! đŸ™‚ Go Ben!

SUPER windy & rainy… that’s the beauty of baseball photos, you can’t really tell that, they wear caps! Also with a little overcast the harsh shadows on the faces go away… makes for “better” lighting, even though it was a “yucky” day there’s “better” light so possibly “better” photos…

Here’s some action from the day…

Douglas catcher Caleb Foster ready to make the throw to first for an out….

Jimmy King swinging for a hit.
130404_Douglas_instaimage_Baseball_Hit 2 Dillon Lopez added several hits to make this a game!130404_Douglas_instaimage_Baseball_HitDouglas’ “workhorse” pitcher Kyle Johnson… great quote in the RGJ from Coach Jacobsen!
130404_Douglas_instaimage_Baseball_Pitcher Kyle Starting pitcher Nathan Barry for Galena.130404_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_first pitch Relief pitcher Dylan Tockey.130404_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_pitch… and after a BUNCH of bench “posturing” from both sides… visits to the mound, chats with batters… we ended the game with this series…

I wonder what Coach McNutt said to Ben Barnard… must have been good…130404_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Home Run talk… it lead to this…130404_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Home Run… which lead to this!  Great shot Ben!130404_Galena_instaimage_Baseball_Home Run Celebration