2013 NIAA Varsity Football… Carson High vs. Galena High…

What a night for High School Football in Northern Nevada… particularly the games at Carson High and Douglas High… After three weeks of “league play”, what most in the North State had predicted and seen through the the first four weeks of “cross league” play has been thrown out the window…

I’ve been anticipating this Carson/Galena game all year.  After last year’s thrashing Carson took at Galena (on senior night…) and knowing this would be Senior night for the Senators, I knew it would be a good matchup at Carson High. I hadn’t seen Galena play yet this year but when I saw the score last week of the Galena/Manogue game last Saturday I instantly got very excited about this game… and WOW, it did not disappoint!

As I was looking over the photos to choose for this post something became very clear to me, this was a battle, and a battle EVERYWHERE on the field.  Clearly with an ending score of 27-26 you can tell that there’s a lot more to the story and I would encourage you to get the newspapers and if possible get the game film and watch it… I can’t really add much… so enjoy the photos. 🙂

The Senators take the field… Congrats Seniors, tonight was your night!
131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Take the Field

An early attempt by Galena… but incomplete (looks good in the photo…)131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_Almost caught

For me, the game didn’t really get interesting until the second half, which is pretty typical for me at a Carson High game… there’s a magical power in the Carson High locker room during halftime… that magic is the Carson High Coaching Staff….

This play stood out to me at the time… what seems like a simple point after attempt struck me… those Senators are pretty close… it would prove profound later in the game!

131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_block the kick

Joey Thurman attempting a punt return…131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Joey Thurman Punt Return Nevin Elliot “bulldozing” for yards…131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Nevin Elliott Run The Carson High Secondary taking the battle to the air…131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Stop the pass Galena Quarterback Brock Raggio looking for a receiver…131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_Brock Raggio Looking Galena Running Back Ben Barnard looking for extra yards…131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_Ben Barnard Run Brock Raggio passing for second half yards…131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_Brock Raggio pass Joey Thurman gaining yards…131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Joey Thurman Run 131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Joey Thurman Run 2The battle continued…131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_Bring down NevinA Galena catch deep in Carson’s end… not a particularly good photo but I tried… and I actually got the catch… had the “big” lens up to my eye so I swung it around and tried to “catch” the action…131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_CaughtTouchdown Galena!131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_Touchdown… and the following onside kick, recovered by Ben Barnard.131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_Onside kickThe anticipation of the last real play of the game… (Carson took a knee to end it with 16 seconds to go…)
131018_instaimage_Galena High Football_anticipationThe Jubilation after Galena’s failed field goal attempt…131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Jubilation

I think these guys were happy… 🙂131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Double BackRemember my mention about the Carson coaching staff above… … the message from Coach Roman, enjoy the night boys, practice tomorrow 8:30 AM… We have work to do for Thursday’s game…
131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_The Drivers Seat Indeed enjoy the night fellas… Your last regular season home game was a great one!131018_instaimage_Carson High Football_Last League Home Game