2013 NIAA Northern Division 1 High School Football, Carson vs. Damonte Ranch

Carson hosted Damonte Ranch for their first “League” match up and the two teams certainly gave us an interesting game!

Before the fourth quarter started I was walking the sidelines wondering what to write… and now that the game is over I’m still wondering what to write after that fourth quarter!  WOW! I’m not even going to try to begin to explain all that happened, it was like a pinball game at points, with 21 points coming between two teams in a matter of seconds… grab your local paper and get the story with the details, it was a wild ride!

Just a few images for this post, I’ve gotta get back to Carson High for Soccer early Saturday…

First, it was Carson’s Homecoming!  Congrats to Rachel Streeter and Tony Cacioppo!

131004_instaimage_Carson High Football_Homecoming

The night for Carson was dominated on the offensive side by these two fellas… Joey and Nevin… both making key runs that kept Carson just ahead of Damonte until the end…131004_instaimage_Carson High Football_Nevin Elliott Run Joey for the first touchdown of the night…131004_instaimage_Carson High Football_Joey Thuman TouchdownDamonte’s quarterback was busy last night, I’m not the stat guy but he put some yardage up, he’s going to be someone to keep an eye on as the season progresses.131004_instaimage_Damonte Ranch High Football_QuarterbackThis HUGE run was thwarted by a penalty… might have made the difference in the night… too many penalties for too many yards, always gonna get ya!131004_instaimage_Damonte Ranch High Football_Penalty Run… and you can’t forget the students!  Chanting “Jeff, take our picture…”… Thanks for the love guys! 🙂
131004_instaimage_Carson High Football_Carson Students