2012 Douglas High Football… vs Galena High…

Based on how the year for Douglas has gone so far if you had told me this one would be high scoring I would have agreed… if you would have tried to convince me that half of the stuff that went on tonight would happen… interceptions, a safety, kick off reverse touchdown, etc. I would not have believed it…

Combined scores for 100 total points… 57-43 Galena was the final… I’m not even remotely a “student” of the game of football, it still baffles me why they do (or try) some of the things they do… this will be an eternal debate between soccer players and football players… but there was no shortage of “excitement” tonight!

Just a few photos here, check the galleries for both teams for more game action!  Out early for Carson-Douglas Soccer tomorrow at Douglas (4 games starting at 9:00 am).

I couldn’t resist this one… can you tell who is on offense?  This was called pass interference on the… offense… Galena was given the penalty on this one!

And this was the very last image I shot tonight… the runner is the older brother of Will, who’s my poster child for two of my baseball collages… and while that is of significance… I love the Douglas player’s face too much to pass it up!  … not to mention his “horizontal-ness”…  Expressions can make such an impact on an image!  🙂

The North State Division 1 Football standings are certainly going to be VERY interesting this year!  This result, Damonte edging Carson… what a ride we’re going to be on for the next few weeks!!  Hold on and keep an eye on the site for more action here!