2012 Carson High Volleyball… vs North Valleys

A good night for the Lady Senators tonight at home against North Valleys!  Here are some shots from the evening!  Always fun to shoot these gals, they’re fun to be around… and I’m starting to get some new angles that I’m liking… I’ve got a month to go to keep working on it… the never ending journey of “photography”.  🙂

The National Anthem…… and some action shots… I’m really liking what I’m getting with this shot… the net still is causing havoc with the autofocus so this one is manual focused!  Someone was asking Shannon (the Nevada Appeal/Record Courier photog) about manual focus tonight… Autofocus is AMAZING these days… BUT… that volleyball net against a face or a number on a jersey creates fantastic contrast that the camera loves to grab focus on… which then puts the player out of focus when you shoot at f/2.8… 🙂 the dilemmas of a photog! 😉