2012 Carson High Girls Varsity Soccer… vs. North Valleys

The Carson High Varsity Girls Soccer team hosted North Valleys last night… I was late getting to the field because of another photo shoot… and to not be even later than I was I just grabbed one lens and headed to the field… all I can say is… I won’t do that again!

As I mentioned in my last post from the football game, the lights at the Carson High stadium can present some “issues”… and well, soccer… the “main attraction” is right in front of the goal! 🙂  That can cause some issues when trying to get goal scoring photos!

Kenzie, always entertaining to watch “shake” things up… wherever she plays… 🙂

Right after I took this shot I was laughing with Adam from the Nevada Appeal… I did NOT Photoshop the Nike Swoosh in either the ball nor her cleats!  I repeat!  I did NOT!  But it’s a great product endorsement shot as she went on a break away for goal #3 for Carson in the first half… “Swoosh” right into the net!

How’s this for a celebration!  Little did I know that Emmy would be moved from goalkeeper to forward… AND score two goals…!  This is what you get when you only bring a long lens to the park…. but she “fits” in the frame!!