2012 Carson High Football, Homecoming… vs Reed High…

Yes they DID!  This was a highly anticipated game… Reed took it to Carson last season in the Regional Championship… I think the then Juniors, now Seniors, had something to say about that tonight.  I cannot say it was the “prettiest” game I’ve ever seen, but it was the perfect exclamation to Carson’s Homecoming Week!  Well done fellas! The team I know that can show up, showed up and played literally until the last second of the game!

For those that were not there, 0:01 left on the clock… Carson’s QB Shafer throws a pass over the middle to “just returning to play tonight” Matt Nolan… and… well… I’ll let the photo speak for itself… (if you doubt if he made it in before the ball was knocked loose, check the photo gallery for the rest of the play…I just included “the ball crossing the plane of the goal line…” 🙂 )

But let me rewind… back to the beginning… The American Anthem…I had this plan… I’d stand on the opposite 50 yard line and shoot back at the Carson side, get the nice sky, the light stands so we see it’s night… blah blah blah… I get to the field early, go over check it out, point the camera to try to get the shot all set… erh, ah wait a minute… the north light poles are on the 25 yard line… but the south light poles are on the 15 yard line… well that won’t work!  Foiled!  So… as the captains were out in the center I figured out a new plan… having shot the color guard before I could shoot back at the stands, scrap the symmetry thing and… well… and I even got the wind to whip the flag a bit for me.

Just one more “action” shot tonight… the return of last year’s starting QB Matt Nolan added some dimension to the Senator’s offense tonight, welcome back Matt!

At halftime we crowned a Homecoming Queen and King! (check the gallery for all my Homecoming Court shots… it will be on the 2012 Football page…)

… and although these were at halftime… I feel it’s an appropriate way to end my posting for the night!  Congrats Senators!!  This is one to remember!