Where do I start… the first game… Carson High Volleyball, wait, football, wait…

OK… five games, two locations AT Carson High (thankfully…) three inside, two outside… 3:45 to whenever the 5th game gets over…  So what was it?

3:45 Freshman Volleyball

4:30 Freshman Football

4:45ish JV Volleyball

6:00 Varsity Volleyball

6:30 JV Football…

Yikes!  I’m happy to say I got a pretty decent selection of each of the games!  I’m BEAT… but I got a lot of shots tonight!

Check it out on the site, here are a few from the night…

It’s always fun to see the volleyball girls!  Never know what you might get!  🙂… and they play too!Volleyball is one of my most challenging sports to shoot… I’m still working on getting a good location and angles that I like… but then there’s that pesky net to deal with.  The camera LOVES to focus on that darn thing… GREAT contrast on the black, so it grabs it every time… there are a lot of tricks I’ve tried… a lot of tonight I was manually focusing… I mess around with different approaches each time, manual focus was my friend tonight.

Then out to football… well, it was more like a revolving door… but…

The JV Senators beat Reed tonight 50-14… Carson is facing a tough game tomorrow for Homecoming… See you out at the field! 7:00 kickoff.  Halftime King and Queen selections announced… check back after the game for your “Royals”.  🙂

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