2012 Carson High Boys Soccer… vs. Damonte Ranch High

Finally got a chance to get out to a Carson High Soccer game tonight!  The mess of the scheduling because of officials looks to be the demise of Saturday games for the league… which is an unfortunate thing for me… C’est la Vie!  🙂

Just a few photos, I’m back at CHS tomorrow substitute teaching again so gotta get some sleep…

Carson and Damonte Varsity tied 1-1… and while the home team didn’t come away with a win, it was an enjoyable game to watch.  There was quite a lot of excitement, some good opportunities created… some great saves by the Damonte goal keeper… (he saved a penalty kick…)… and I know, for you non-soccer fans 1-1 for a final score screams boring… but… guess you have to be a soccer fan! 🙂

Speaking of the keeper from Damonte… shot this one of him just playing around tonight… I’ll call it “lonely”… 

Carson’s back displaying some leaps!

Here’s some of the hard work shown tonight… Michael Samii holding down the midfield for Carson.

… and the Carson equalizer to make the game 1-1…

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