2012 Douglas High Soccer… vs. Carson…

Douglas hosted Carson today for Boys JV, Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity and Girls JV soccer… four straight games… check the photo galleries for all the action, including the JV! 🙂

This first shot… we haven’t gotten to the Carson Douglas football game yet (Thursday, October 25th, fittingly the day before Nevada Day!!) so I don’t have a “contact” shot from that matchup… so this will be my quintessential “rivalry” shot until then… 🙂  THIS to me shows the intensity of the your rivalry!  Fun stuff… and like basketball, soccer is a “non-contact” sport… 😉Literally seconds into the boys varsity game Douglas went up a goal… the ball bounced around in the Carson goal area until it was hammered into the back of the net… it all happened very fast… very fast… as in, what just happened as the ball bounced in the back of the net… I might be wrong, but I think this fella was the one who tried to rip the net off the back of the goal with that first shot!  THAT’S the kind of passion for this game I miss the most… well done!! (this is NOT his goal… just another shot later in the first half, I had the long tele lens in hand and quite frankly was no where near prepared to see a first 1/2 minute of play goal… that will teach me! 😉 )

Both the varsity games were very well attended, that was great to see… I commented after the boys game which ended 4-4, “… you can’t call that game “unexciting”…”!  A good show for all the fans…

This fella is always entertaining to photograph!  THIS is commitment to a move… for your information… a soccer ball is a fair amount smaller than a basketball… look at how far his knee is from the ground!  … and you have to love the muscle definition in the plant leg….

On to the girls game… … just a shot I liked… it’s kinda funny to me in a strange photo geek way… I was commenting the other day I was hoping they would be playing on the football field because there’s a “not very attractive” (… and of course I used those words… 😉 ) railcar type structure behind the Douglas bench… and here I go and choose a photo with that “not very attractive” structure in the background… You can see how the team tent is reflecting white light onto the upper portion so you can see the shape of the structure vs. the bottom where there is no reflection…. interesting in a photo geek kinda way I guess.

Here’s a now and then for you… and not to pick on Kiahna but… 🙂  This is her playing yesterday and the photo below is from two years ago… a little flashback for you from the photos I’ve posted over the years on the site.

Check out that posting here… you’ll see another familiar face on the Carson Girls team… 🙂