2014 Carson Douglas Baseball…

Rivalry games are always entertaining… Darrell called the second of the two games “chippy”… to say the least…I don’t like to be too cliché-ish… but last night, the second of the two games, was very surreal to me…  As many know, I was a soccer player… and while I’m learning, the small idiosyncrasies of baseball still fascinate me…. I explained what happened last night to my dad as the type of thing that Disney puts into a animated movie for parents and kids never understand or in some cases even see them until they’re older…. it’s an atmosphere that I can just try to soak in all the new knowledge of the game….

In case you missed it… here’s 4 ½ innings in under two minutes, the GoPro battery didn’t make it the whole game… 🙂

I also shot stills… not a lot, but some… Here are a few from the night… and I’ll tell you right now, it’s my blog and I’m gonna get a little sentimental here today…. 🙂

It was Senior night Wednesday at Douglas and Thursday at Carson (see Ron’s Photos for the DHS Senior Night Photos…).  Most of these guys don’t know this but I first started shooting these fellas back in 2007… (you don’t believe me… how about Danny Guthrie 2007, Carson American… here… and there’s more on the site… Hey, Jace, TJ’s trying to copy your hair style from 2007… here ) 🙂  To say it’s been journey, is an understatement.  I wish you all the very very best.
140508_7361This photo… I just liked the way this one turned out… kind of a gritty-ness to it… love that the trees in the back have all filled out, helps those backgrounds.  … and I also want to give a special shout out to Dustin… Dustin, in my mind, you’re THE team guy this year.  You were always encouraging your team, cheering, you’re fun to be around in the dugout, and even though you played an important roll on the mound, your persona in the dugout will be what I will always remember about you, it’s a very important part of a team… thank you for that!  I know you felt you had a rough night last night… but that’s what a TEAM sport is about… your guys pulled it together and put one in the win column on a very special night for you fellas.140508_7385 When it’s Carson Douglas… Just KNOW that this guy is probably up to something… 🙂 140508_7402 The play that would send a Carson coach packing… if you want to see the entire play from where I was… it’s HERE…  Here are three shots… no way of seeing the plate from my angle… TJ was up to bat (leftie… thus why I’m where I am…)…140508_7425 140508_7427 The umpire felt strongly… apparently…140508_7437 uh oh… this can’t be good… 🙂 Guess not everyone shared the opinion of the umpire…140508_7439 … and I’m going to end kinda where I started above… with a walk down memory lane.  While the season isn’t quite over (playoffs start next Tuesday), a new face (to some…) has emerged in the last two games for Carson High.  I’ve known him for years… remember those photos from above, same stuff, different year… I know he’ll be a good sport about this… and I look forward to the next three years photographing him pitching for Carson High.  Welcome to Varsity Bryce!140508_7459Know this kid?  Carson City 9-10 All Star @ Governor’s Field during the 2009 Nevada District 1 All Star Tournament.NV1CCLL_090706_0439