2014 NIAA State Track Meet @ Carson High

Photography is a very multifaceted hobby/profession/art… The 2014 NIAA State Track meet this weekend was an event that I went out to try a few things photographically as well as record some important events in the lives of some of these athletes… saw some broken State records… saw some real gut level performances of some kids that clearly wanted that impressive title… “State Champion”…  There were a lot of impressive athletes to watch!

Track is very different than most of the other sports that I cover… it’s all about you, the athlete, putting your very best out yet right next to you is the next guy/gal also trying to do the same, who’s the fastest today?  Gotta love competition!

So here are some photos that I shot…  Congratulations to all the athletes for making “the big game”… I hope our time in Carson for this great event was enjoyable and fruitful for your athletic careers!

Friday “night” this was our sky… cleared up a lot for Saturday but the clouds gave us a nice show and kept the temperature down a bit on Friday…140523_NIAAStateTrackCHSCarson Freshman Valerie Meyer starting in the 400m.  … this was the STATE meet… looking forward to seeing her compete for the next few years!  She’s also a great soccer player for Carson High.140523_7536 Here’s some of that photographic “trial”… slow the shutter speed and pan with the action… 140523_7581 140523_7623I’m gonna call him Mr. Carson High Track… Corey Reid competing in the high jump… 140524_7677 This was a great thing to witness… Randal Cunningham, Jr. was attempting to set a new national mark at 7 feet, 2 ½ inches… he already had won the State Championship but was pushing for more!  His sister also won the State Championship… you would think it’s in the blood or something… 😉140524_7704 Mr. Carson High Track again… here’s the start…140524_7721… and the finish… Corey squeaked out a 0.02 second win this time… The Regional final went to the thousands of a second…  State Champion Corey Reid!  Bet that feels great! … and a shout out to Josie Daggs in the background cheering!
140524_7728Southern Nevada Centennial’s Tiana Bonds easily striding to her State Championship in the 300m hurdles…140524_7739