NIAA Northern Region Football First Round Playoffs, Carson vs. McQueen

Well… what can I say?  Carson showed up to play and went about their business tonight…  The fellas were talking on the sidelines about how many quarters it’s been since the starting defense has been scored on… Carson Varsity football has only given up 13 points in the last four games, all in the 4th quarter of games where they had a 42 point lead before they gave up the points with the first team defense on the sidelines.

Carson will host Reno and Reed will host Hug (who previously beat Reed…) next week in the Regional Semifinal games.

Here are a few photos from the evening.

Joe Nelson on the first drive, looking for his receivers downfield.

141114_4313 Asa Carter on his way to the end zone.141114_4317 McQueen didn’t get many long plays past the Carson Defense… this early pass play was probably their longest single yardage play of the game.  Carson closed it up after this one.141114_4320 I just like the dynamics of the driving legs in this one!141114_4335Colby Brown driving for every last inch!
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