The 2016 Nevada District 1 All Star Tournament… starts tomorrow!

Here we go again!!

Year ten, in a row for us… it’s amazing to look back and see all that’s happened in that time!  Some great memories and some great friendships have been made on the ball fields of Northern Nevada!!

As usual, I’ll have the Photo of the Day here on the site, stop by the tent, I have a small “prize” for you if your photo makes the “Photo of the Day”…

Each year I try to come up with something new, a new collage design normally… this year, going for something different… you’ll have to let me know what you think.  Here are some samples, stop by the tent and see them in print.

See you out at the ball field!Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 9.13.56 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-28 at 9.13.38 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-28 at 9.14.14 PM

Went out and set up the tent today… the fields look great, the weather’s going to be hot… Good times ahead!FullSizeRender

Carson High vs. Douglas High Basketball, January 26, 2016

Carson Douglas always brings a crowd… tonight was a little disappointing to me but I get that it’s Tuesday night and there are a lot of things going on….

The Carson Boys continued their dominance of the Northern Region and extended their league record to 11-0 with a win tonight over Douglas.

Be sure to check out all the images in the galleries for the schools in the menus.

The Carson student section is always entertaining… 🙂160126_7645

Jaden is always a force in the paint…160126_7648

Carson High vs. McQueen High Basketball, January 8, 2016

It’s good to be back at Carson High!  That sounds kinda strange but it’s been some time since the last home football game in November… and while I’ve been at the school to take team photos, it’s nice to be back seeing some action! 🙂

The Boys haven’t had many home games yet this year due to some… well, I’ll call it “creative scheduling”… but they’re on a roll this year and they’re fun to watch, they play hard and last night, although the score seemed a little lopsided, they kept the pressure on and wouldn’t let McQueen get any taste of making a run… it was a very pleasant surprise to come back to!

A quick shout out to Kyle, nice job on your “estimate”, I’ll give you the one point! 🙂

Here are some images from the evening.  If you can get out to some games, I’d highly recommend it, this is a fun team to watch!!  They play the rest of their home games on Tuesdays for the balance of the season… Damonte, Galena, Douglas, Wooster, Manogue (those are the next five Tuesday’s in order…)… Hope to see you out at a game!

Tez Allen Carson High Basketball Asa Carter Carson High Basketball Jayden DeJoseph Carson High Basketball Jayden DeJoseph Carson High BasketballCarson High Basketball Carson High Basketball

2015 Nevada District 1 Little League All Star Tournament, Day 16, Champions Crowned

Congratulations to the Centennial Junior Little League All Star team!  They defeated Reno American tonight to take the title!  They’re off to the State Tournament shortly!  Well done fellas, good luck at State!

Centennial Junior Little League All Stars

2015 Nevada District 1 Little League All Star Tournament, Day 15

The Championship is set!  Centennial will play Reno American for the Junior Little League All Star Championship on Saturday night at Governor’s field in Carson City, NV.

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The Photo of the Day… something a little more “fun” tonight… I get to see a lot of balls go by batters… makes for a lot of deleted photos… but sometimes you get one like this… Just makes me smile, what’s going through his mind right at this split second? 🙂

Reno American Junior Little League  All Star

2015 Nevada District 1 Little League All Star Tournament, Day 14

And now we’re down to three… Truckee defeated North Tahoe today and will play Reno American tomorrow as the loser’s bracket semi-final.  Centennial will play the winner on Saturday for the Championship.  Game time tomorrow is 6:30 PM.  The Championship on Saturday is at 7:00 PM.

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The Photo of the Day… some stuff you know is happening but you just can’t see it… this pitcher picked off at least one first base runner with only this little glance to check the runner at 1st. 🙂Truckee Junior All Star

2015 Nevada District 1 Little League All Star Tournament, Day 13

And then there were four… two teams exited the tournament Wednesday night… Carson City lost a close error filled game against Truckee and Reno National lost to North Tahoe.  This puts North Tahoe playing Truckee and Reno American will play Centennial (winner’s bracket) on Thursday.

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Photo of the Day… sometimes you are “over lensed”, meaning I’m too close to get the entire piece of action… with the larger junior fields (high school and up as well…) I shoot with a larger lens than when I shoot Little League… and when the action happens you have to decide if you’re going to try to shoot or not… here’s an example, I pushed the shutter button and hoped I got something… 🙂Carson City Junior All Star

2015 Nevada District 1 Little League All Star Tournament, Day 12

The weather would lead you to believe there are no games going on… but the evenings have been great for shooting because the sky is a great big soft pillow of light and there haven’t been any harsh shadows on the faces… this is great for photos!! 🙂

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The Photo of the Day… the slides have been popping up the bags pretty regularly… something I’m not used to seeing at either the Little League or High School levels…Centennial Junior All Star

2015 Nevada District 1 Little League All Star Tournament, Day 11

And the tournament goes on!  Now the Junior division will play all this week at Governor’s Fields 1 and 6.  Night 1 (day 11 of the total tournament) kicked off with Carson playing Reno American and Reno National playing Centennial.  Reno American and Centennial both picked up first round wins and will play again Tuesday night against North Tahoe and Truckee respectively…

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Here’s the Photo of the Day for Day 11 of the tournament and Day 1 of the Juniors… Was he safe or out? 🙂Carson City All Star Junior Divison