The 2017 Nevada District 1 All Star Tournament… Day 4

OK, this story is just too good not to share!  I’m in a unique position, I spend a large part of the tournament kneeling in front of the dugouts on all the fields… so I get to hear a lot of what goes on with the kids.  Well, on Saturday… as this fella’s running out to bat, someone in the dugout yells, “… I’ll give you 10 bucks if you hit a home run!”… so out he trots to the dish… I believe the other team was making a pitching change so the 3rd base coach was chatting with him and very distinctly (as you can see in the photo…) where he wanted him to drive the ball… 🙂

Up to the plate, thank you very much, I’ll just go yard with that one!  … and with a  huge smile (you’ll have to look that photo up in the gallery…) the first words he says when he returns from his journey around the bases… “… you owe me 10 bucks!” 🙂

Photo of the Day, Day 4
The 2017 Nevada District 1 Little League All Star Tournament Photo of the Day, Day 4