You sometimes get what you get…

Well… sometimes you just don’t get what you’re hoping for… This was shot over the break at Lower Klamath Lake in Klamath Falls, Oregon (my hometown). The clouds just didn’t quite cooperate with what I REALLY wanted but I got this instead. ūüôā

The “equipment” there in the foreground are catapilar tracks that were laid down for dropping logs into the lake which were then floated across to the various mills that would pluck them out of the water… Along with the overall logging “industry”, Klamath isn’t what it used to be but we had a very nice visit, seeing my elementary school buddy and my Grandma.

For those of you that are not familiar with Klamath Falls, OR… it’s an amazing “outdoor” mecca… a lot of birds, bald eagles to be specific… so if you ever want an amazing place to see a lot of bald eagles….5D3_5186

… and the season rolls on…

Hey everyone,

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted… I just want you to know that I’m still shooting and still posting to the galleries, just busy with league work and trying keep up with some sleep… ūüôā

Just wanted to post one photo today about something that happened yesterday at the Carson High… Yesterday was a busy night at CHS. It was Senior Night, Sponsor Night… and we had a first pitch by a young fella named Jayden. ¬†Jayden was a visitor with the Make a Wish Foundation. ¬†I don’t know Jayden’s story but the way his face lighted up being around the fellas….130501_Carson High Make a Wish Jayden

… and now for a little something different… The Cutters @ Halloween 2012

This is a fun job I have… Thursday night I was invited to shoot something a little different than my “normal”… I did a little research so I didn’t really… well, I wanted to make sure I had a fighting chance… I had a GREAT time!!

Found a place I didn’t even know existed… heard a band I didn’t know existed… and they’re good!

The costumes may fool you! ¬†Tonight was a Halloween Party at the 11th Frame at the Carson Lanes facility… Check it out! ¬†My first band shoot ever! ¬†OH, and THANK YOU for the invite! ¬†I had a lot of fun!!

I learned a lot shooting tonight, always rewarding to try something new, particularly when you can just experiment.

Scroll down to see some VERY dramatic costume photos I grabbed… REALLY like some of them!

Here’s a link to the gallery (or check the sidebar…)

Do you know this guy? ūüôā… and the makeup on these two was AMAZING!!! ¬†I was going to ask them if I could photograph them using some of the rather dramatic lighting… then they hit the dance floor and I got these! ¬†The nicest couple… the coolest makeup job!This guy was just too good to pass up…

“Proof”; a short film by RC Concepcion about the power of photography.

This was made a short while ago but it goes straight to the “heart” of photography and making great pictures.

Joe McNally is one of my very favorite photographers (see the link on my home page). ¬†I’ve studied his work, I’ve heard him talk countless times, try as I might… maybe someday I’ll be 1/100 the photographer he is….

RC Concepcion… He’s one of “The Photoshop Guys” with the National Assoc. of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). ¬†I’m of course a member of NAPP and last week was at their biannual “convention” called Photoshop World. ¬†It’s a very intensive three days (as in two 15 hour days and one 8 hour day…) of photography, social media, photoshop, web development, etc. training. ¬†Well… I attended a few of RC’s seminars. ¬†He’s very intellectual in his approach, very thoughtful, very emotional, very appropriate for our times. Over the last few months I’ve gained a tremendous amount of respect for RC, he’s a great mind in the world that I’m striving to become a part of daily. ¬†Thank you RC for your work.

As I mentioned above, RC put this short film together a short while ago. ¬†RC is from New York so the significance of 9/11 is particularly relevant. ¬†Joe McNally is also from New York. ¬†RC reposted his video again today on Google+¬†and every time I watch it, it resonates with me… again, someday I hope to have some fraction of the impact this movie demonstrates. ¬†Thank you RC. ¬†Thank you Joe McNally.


Soap Box Rant… as posted on Facebook…

I posted this to Facebook to try to get more “traffic” with my statement. ¬†Some people need to get a serious grip on the reality of youth sports. ¬†We live in Northern Nevada. ¬†This isn’t the MLB World Series… even those guys don’t take things THIS seriously! ¬†I’m the picture guy for crying out loud!!!

… as posted to Facebook…

“To the parents and grandparents of youth sports leagues….
Please understand all of the people that are on the Board of Directors of any youth sports league as well as the vendors that work a great deal of hours to support these leagues are human beings and deserve to be treated as such.

To use an age old saying, “walk a mile in my moccasins”, please please please try to set an “adult” example for the youth of today by treating others with respect and consideration. YOU do not know their situation. YOU do not know what goes on in their lives. YOU do not know the time, effort and energy they put into making it possible for you to show up for your four hours per week to watch Johnny or Suzie play ball on Tuesday and Thursday.

Orchestrating a league of any size is a TREMENDOUS undertaking, both from a League Administration perspective and from a vendor perspective. PLEASE keep this in mind when you decide to start criticize, belittle, berate and act in anyway other that courteous and considerate. We don’t all have to like each other but we MUST act appropriate, considerate and set a good example for our youth, they are watching your actions.

Today I had the single worst episode in my “professional” career happen. I take my business VERY VERY seriously and most of the time to the detriment of my family, my health and my overall wellbeing. I try very hard and work very hard. I’m quite confident that those involved will not think anything about it beyond today. I carry things like this for a great deal of time as it is radically contrary to how I was raised and taught how to treat others.

I’m VERY VERY rarely one to rant. I will be the first to admit that I don’t always get things right, but I make them as right as I possibly can when I find out I’ve got it wrong. I’ll admit that I will, have and will continue to make mistakes, but I do what ever I can to rectify the problem. I also know that I have only so many years left on this earth and I refuse to spend more time with people like those responsible for my longwinded rant here… about all I can say is karma is a….”

Academic Excellence… Douglas High Boys Basketball!!

The Douglas High Boys Basketball team was awarded the NIAA Academic State Championship tonight for having the highest average GPA. ¬†Well done fellas!! ¬†I know you didn’t take the “glory” trophy and talking about being academic champions isn’t “sick”… blah blah blah… You’ve proven yourselves on the court, you’ve proven yourselves in the classroom… amazing job fellas!! ¬†We’re all cheering for you!