… and now for a little something different… The Cutters @ Halloween 2012

This is a fun job I have… Thursday night I was invited to shoot something a little different than my “normal”… I did a little research so I didn’t really… well, I wanted to make sure I had a fighting chance… I had a GREAT time!!

Found a place I didn’t even know existed… heard a band I didn’t know existed… and they’re good!

The costumes may fool you!  Tonight was a Halloween Party at the 11th Frame at the Carson Lanes facility… Check it out!  My first band shoot ever!  OH, and THANK YOU for the invite!  I had a lot of fun!!

I learned a lot shooting tonight, always rewarding to try something new, particularly when you can just experiment.

Scroll down to see some VERY dramatic costume photos I grabbed… REALLY like some of them!

Here’s a link to the gallery (or check the sidebar…)

Do you know this guy? 🙂… and the makeup on these two was AMAZING!!!  I was going to ask them if I could photograph them using some of the rather dramatic lighting… then they hit the dance floor and I got these!  The nicest couple… the coolest makeup job!This guy was just too good to pass up…