2012 NIAA Boys Soccer Playoffs at Carson High vs. McQueen

You missed a good one if you weren’t in the stands!  And I don’t just mean that because Carson won… it was a good game, period!  Mostly a very tough midfield battle… but two goals and a lot of pressure on the Carson defense in the second half… but in the end Carson came away with a 2-0 win!

I would have to say that McQueen controlled the flow of play a bit better.  They possessed the ball better… however they weren’t moving forward and making any attempts on goal, they were just possessing the ball… you have to make attempts on goal if you want to win… and while Carson was in a bit of a mad scramble much of the game to work to regain possession… they made attempts on goal… and put two away.  Get into that penalty area and make enough serious threats on goal… one’s bound to go in!  Carson was also awarded a penalty kick late in the game, not a questionable call at all, it was completely legit… again, get in the penalty area enough and good things happen…

Carson advances to play Hug at Damonte on Halloween @ 6:00 PM.  Good luck guys, I hope to see you on Saturday in the Regional Championship!

Pre-game… (with some effects…)

This one tells a lot of the night… a tough battle in the middle of the field.

This didn’t result in a scoring opportunity… but they all add up, get in the penalty area enough times… 🙂  But I already said that… I love this game! 🙂… and something not really “game” related… The moon popped up over the hill…