2012 NIAA Girls Soccer Playoffs at Carson High vs. Reed

The Carson Girls are on their way to the second round of the playoffs with a win tonight over Reed.  Two first half goals and a rather strange second half goal… Carson pushed hard early on and secured their lead within the first 15 minutes and somewhat coasted to a pretty simple win… They’re off to Damonte Thursday to face Spanish Springs (who apparently had a tough time with Galena winning in penalty kicks…)… that may be a great deal for Carson, fresher legs are always better!  Good Luck Ladies!

Some photos from the night…!

I took a little creative license with the color controls… I’ll call them “Sunset on Soccer at Carson High 2012″… 😉  After all… it IS Carson Blue, right?… and the action… Ms. Sandage was pretty commanding tonight of the Reed defense in the first half… she pretty much was able to run free while Reed had Kenzie pinned down with her own personal mark… Clearly the other teams need to watch some film of Carson games! 🙂There’s that flying in the air again!