Carson Football Playoff Win!!

Welcome back Dylan Sawyers… four touchdowns, don’t know how many yards… the paper will have all those stats tomorrow…  The team was trying different things tonight, mixing what they have done the past few weeks without Dylan and then he’d get the ball and… well… Dylan is Dylan I guess.

Carson will meet Reed next Friday at 7:00 PM.  The NIAA website still states the location is to be determined but I can’t image that it won’t be at Carson as they’re the higher ranked team…

I only shot tonight with a Canon 400mm 2.8/f L lens.  A bit of a challenge as it’s, like the 300mm 2.8 that I had a few weeks ago, a very different piece of equipment than I currently own… it’s great for getting out and isolating the individual, as I like to do when I shoot.  I’m also able to stay out of the team area a lot easier with this length of a lens, gives me a different angle than what I typically have.  Fun to play!!  Would I be able to justify having one of these lenses?