Some changes occurring with instaimage…

Hi all,

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sorting out how this is all going to work, I’m hoping that it won’t effect too much but I’ve joined the ranks and am a substitute teacher for the Carson City School District.  Because one very nice, smart person within the District I’m fortunate to be able to have this opportunity.  Thank you, if you’re reading this you know who you are… I REALLY appreciate it.

Why am I doing this?

Bottomline… literally, my family bottomline, I’m taking a “second” job, beyond CEO, COO, CFO, chief photographer and head grunt of our photography business, we need the income.  I hope to someday be able, like the rest of you… to send my two girls to college, that has to start now.  So as I mentioned, I’m hoping this doesn’t cut into much of what I’m trying to accomplish with photographing as I currently am….