2014 Nevada State Little League Tournament, Day 6 (Day 22 overall)

Wow! What a night!  First and foremost, congratulations to all the teams that competed in both the District and State Tournaments.  To be an All Star is a great accomplishment!

And… I want to say a HUGE Congratulations to Mountain Ridge Little League for winning not one, not two but THREE State Championships tonight!  The took the 10 year old division playing a must win double header tonight against a very tough Silverado team.  Congrats fellas, coaches and parents!  Amazing accomplishment for your league!

And also a huge congratulations to the Centennial Junior All Stars for their must win double header tonight against Henderson.  There was some great baseball played tonight… and now it’s all over at Governor’s Field for the season! :)

The photo of the day… see below….NVState10s

NVState11sNVState12sNVStateJrsI couldn’t resist… except for the traffic patterns in the grass, it’s as if we haven’t had our tent up for the past 24 days and been shooting for 22 of those… we had the 4th of July off and one rain out on Sunday during the State Tournament… I keep telling myself I’m going to take all these thoughts and experiences about how we run our little league tournament “business” and write them down… this might be the year.  I got to witness some amazing things these past three weeks… and of course there are some things I’d wished I’d not witnessed… but you get this many people together it can’t all be great! :)  I’ll see you all somewhere soon!  Football season is right around the corner!  Volleyball and Soccer too!IMG_2384

2014 Nevada State Little League Tournament, Day 5 (Day 21 overall)

Semifinal day today… the looser’s bracket games to determine who will play tomorrow for the Championship!  Tomorrow at 5:30 at Governor’s Field… “if” games to follow at 8:00…

10 year olds: Mountain Ridge will play Silverado West (Field 3)

11 year olds: Mountain Ridge will play Washoe (Field 4)

12 year olds: Mountain Ridge will play Paseo Verde (Field 2)

Juniors: Henderson will play Centennial (Field 1)

Come on out and watch come great baseball!!

Photo of the Day… I often wonder what they talk about out there… :)  Suppose he’s telling him a joke?140722_14905

2014 Nevada State Little League Tournament, Day 4 (Day 20 overall)

Sunday brought us a rain delay… the heavens didn’t want any baseball at Governor’s Field and it postponed everything one day… so play resumed tonight and boy were there some games!!

It’s so great to see the kids really going for it!  The two photos of the day, I just couldn’t leave one out… show the effort to make a play! Play resumes tomorrow at 7:30 PM with just one round of games then Wednesday has a bit of a schedule change due to the rainout yesterday… Wednesday’s Championships will be at 5:30 with an “if” game at 8:00 that night… need to wrap up the tournaments because some winners have to be on the road ASAP for Regionals.

Here are the two photos of the day!  Great effort fellas!140721_14730 140721_14793

2014 Nevada State Little League Tournament, Day 3 (Day 19 overall)

That title’s a little weird to the teams that arrived for opening ceremonies yesterday and started play today… :)  sorry, Carson City Little League has been the host of now five divisions of Nevada State All Star baseball at Governor’s Field!!

Just a quick update, the Carson City Intermediate team is wrapping up their trip down to Nogales, AZ for their Regional tournament…

So today, the 10′s, 11′s, 12′s and Junior Divisions all kicked off at Governor’s Field!  … and incase you missed it… it dumped rain and all kinds of lightening today starting around 3:35 when I arrived at the park… but the REAL show came closer to 5:00… LOTS of rain… we had five people under our tent, tables up, things tucked in… I shut down the generator and prepared for a wait… Games today got under way about 90 minutes late… which meant we didn’t get to leave the park until an hour later than we’ve been leaving for the District 1 Tournament… :)  Hoping tomorrow will be better….

Photo of the day was an easy one, knew it right in the camera… the expressions, the play, the dirt flying… just love it! :) 140719_14113