2014 NIAA Northern Region Football, Carson vs. Galena @ Galena High

What can I say?  Carson ROLLED Galena tonight!  34-0… second shutout in as many weeks.  Carson made some big plays, stopped Galena when they needed to and rolled to an easy victory.

Here are some images from the night… instead of a 1, 2 punch how about a 10, 11 punch… Ian Schulz and Nolan Shine “flying” after the Galena Quarterback…


Love these shots where you can see the eyes and the intensity of where he’s looking!  Colby bowled himself a few more touchdowns tonight!141024_3257

I can remember two Galena plays the whole night, it also helps that they were both deep pass plays and I got both on “film”… :)  I’m not a football expert but that hand in the face looks like pretty good coverage to me… to come down with that one was tough.141024_3317

What in the heck is going on here… not trying to pick on you Connor… but where’d the ball go and what’s up with that leg… don’t know if that hurts to look at or what!?!?!?141024_3363

OK, some of you may have noticed that I had some dorky looking thing on my forehead… well, I tried something tonight and it’s too late or I’d start messing with it… but I’m hoping to have a Point of View (POV) time lapse of “a night shooting football”… not sure if it will come out but I had a GoPro strapped to my head tonight so it might give you a glimpse of what I’m looking at and shooting… more details to follow if it turns out to be something worthwhile. :)  Might even have some cool video from it… will have to take a look later… Thanks for taking a photo of me DJ!!IMG_2686

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2014 NIAA Northern Region Football, Carson vs. Manogue @ Carson High

It’s always said that you want to pick a team for homecoming that you feel you can win, to make the night “better”… I don’t think that anyone at the stadium tonight would have predicted a 42-0 thrashing!

One thing was certain tonight, Carson was not going to loose.  The opening kickoff was nearly run back for a touchdown… I believe it was less that a minute into the game and Carson already had a touchdown and a successful extra point….  Then they sent out a defense that may have well been from Mars because it rendered the Manogue passing game completely useless… the Manogue QB was 1 for 11 in the first half…  This one’s going to be a tale of coaching in my book.  Coach Roman dug into his magic bag of goodies and stunned Manogue tonight… and the fellas executed.  Game over, NEXT! :)

Here are some images from the night.  Blowout games are tough to photograph… OK, here’s Carson scoring… next, oh, and here’s Carson scoring… next… OH, OH, and HERE’S Carson scorning… again… yawn… ;)  ANYWAY…

Wait, wait, WAIT!  I mentioned it was homecoming!  Congrats to the King, Fred Christensen and Queen, Abbey Dudley!


And the entire 2014 Homecoming Court!  Congrats to all of you!

141017_1682I took a chance tonight and went down to the end zone… and Colby Brown ran right at me… Thanks Coach! :)141017_1622Joe Nelson back for a pass…141017_1640Ikela Lewis recording a sack…141017_1995 Brady Rivera in flight… wish I could see that face… oh well…141017_2020

It sounds like we’ve not heard the last of this young man… Freshman QB Connor Noland at Manogue.  He did show poise tonight… in my opinion, he was just the victim of Coach Roman’s wicked smart coaching. :)