Happy New Year! Hope 2015 is fantastic!

I can’t believe how fast 2014 went… seems I was just getting geared up for the spring and now I’m doing it again!

This time of year is often hard for a lot of photographers, we always want to kick off the new year with new inspiration, new ideas, and well… we’d like to do more business for the new year… but sometimes the long weeks and often months of no income of the “slow season” gets us down. Such is the life of being a photographer! :)

Within our “photographic community” we always seem to be able to find some bit of inspiration to brighten up our attitude… this year, for me, it’s a throw back!  Kodak made this video ten years ago!  TEN YEARS!!  Scott Kelby posted this on his blog today, and it’s, well… it’s amazing, it’s the reason a lot of us cannot put down the camera, even sometimes when “sense” would make more for us to stop and do something else.


Oh, it goes about 6 minutes 20 seconds… then the video gets a little wonky…

Happy New Year!  I hope to see you this year from behind the lens!!

2014 NIAA Division 1 State Championship Football, Gorman vs. Reed

On Saturday, December 9th I had the pleasure of shooting the NIAA State Championship football game for the Las Vegas Sun… here are the photos I shot for the paper… Here’s their article Las Vegas Sun

2014 NIAA Northern Region Championship Football, Carson vs. Reed

The 2014 NIAA Northern Regional Division 1 Championship was played today at Bishop Manogue High School.  The Reed Raiders came away the winner of the game by three 28-25 after a back and forth battle between these two divisional powerhouse teams….

There will be plenty of words from the RGJ, the Nevada Appeal and the Sparks Tribune… so I’m going to go a completely different route with my post today…. No question I’m disappointed for the Carson fellas… I’ve been covering these young fellas since I first started in this area back in 2007… and as hard as this loss is today, I know there are a lot of lessons that will stick with these fellas for years to come because of this team.  I know I’ll be seeing a lot of you in other sports this year but I wish all you graduating seniors the very best of luck with your future.  You made a town proud!

There are 1,101 photos in the Carson High Varsity Football gallery for this year.  It’s been quite a season fellas… we started this back on August 30th down in California.  Thanks for the memories this year boys!

On to the photos from today… as I mentioned I’m going to take a completely different direction today… as I’m sure you could see there were A LOT of photographers on the field today… A LOT… one simple reason… that big bright thing in the sky… the sun.  This was the first game this season that many of us have had the opportunity to shoot in daylight.  It’s not quite like a ground hog but also not far off… :)  So because of that we all come out in packs… and I’m going to take this in even a more specific direction… the eyes…  As I was going through all my images today I noticed that I have a lot of shots of the players eyes today, not close up per say but you can see the intensity, you can see the direction… you can see the communication the eyes give… so take a look and “see”… :)

141129_4733 141129_4762 141129_4785 141129_4794 141129_4803 141129_4838 141129_4872 141129_4900 141129_4907 141129_4942#instaimage #carsonhigh #canon1DX #NIAA #ReedHigh #football


2014 NIAA Northern Region Semifinal Football, Carson vs. Reno

I mentioned to someone today that I’m seeing a fire in the belly of these boys that I’ve not seen during my previous six years shooting Carson High Football…

Carson has given up 19 points in FIVE games, all of which were first team offense (opponents) against second team defense… 7 against Douglas, 6 against McQueen and 6 against Reno tonight… October 17th was the last points the first team defense gave up points… against Manogue… They’re on a roll to say the least!

I felt before the game that tonight would be another lopsided score… a lot of nervous parents around, wondering if it would be a close game… NOPE!  Carson got off to a fast start and coasted to the Regional Championship next weekend against Reed.

Here are some photos from the night.

Carson's Asa Carter with the ball... not too sure much of that hand stuff going on is quite legal...

Carson’s Asa Carter with the ball… not too sure much of that hand stuff going on is quite legal…

Carson's Asa Carter headed to the end zone.

Carson’s Asa Carter headed to the end zone.

Here, let me help your head into the floor... YIKES!

Here, let me help your head into the floor… YIKES!

More Flying Bodies, Carson's Colby Brown

More Flying Bodies, Carson’s Colby Brown

Hey Ref, that would have been a GREAT shot!

Hey Ref, that would have been a GREAT shot! Dilyn Rooker with the catch… Really it’s there, just behind…

Carson's Asa Carter headed to the end zone.

Carson’s Asa Carter headed to the end zone.

Ikela Lewis with the sack.

Ikela Lewis with the sack.

Eddie got the ball off, bodies still flying!

Eddie got the ball off, bodies still flying!

Almost a sack by Carson's Brady Rivera

Almost a sack by Carson’s Brady Rivera

When you can't catch it, just make sure he can't either!  Carson's Corey Reid.

When you can’t catch it, just make sure he can’t either! Carson’s Corey Reid.

Touchdown Reno!

Touchdown Reno!

NIAA Northern Region Football First Round Playoffs, Carson vs. McQueen

Well… what can I say?  Carson showed up to play and went about their business tonight…  The fellas were talking on the sidelines about how many quarters it’s been since the starting defense has been scored on… Carson Varsity football has only given up 13 points in the last four games, all in the 4th quarter of games where they had a 42 point lead before they gave up the points with the first team defense on the sidelines.

Carson will host Reno and Reed will host Hug (who previously beat Reed…) next week in the Regional Semifinal games.

Here are a few photos from the evening.

Joe Nelson on the first drive, looking for his receivers downfield.

141114_4313 Asa Carter on his way to the end zone.141114_4317 McQueen didn’t get many long plays past the Carson Defense… this early pass play was probably their longest single yardage play of the game.  Carson closed it up after this one.141114_4320 I just like the dynamics of the driving legs in this one!141114_4335Colby Brown driving for every last inch!
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