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Just a heads up… starting Saturday, July 16th I will more or less have NO access to my computer and will be unable to process any orders, see any photos (other than the website) or produce anything (prints or collages) until I return home on August 3rd.

I apologize but I’ll be out of town for several things during this time…

I’ll be back in the office on August 3rd and able to get things out to you ASAP after.

Thank you for your business!

The 2016 Nevada District 1 All Star Tournament… Day 9

The championships are set… Championship Sunday is coming up!

The 10’s… Reno American vs. Truckee (11 AM, Field 2)

The 11’s… Reno American vs. Carson Valley (2:30 PM, Field 2)

The 12’s… Reno American vs. Reno National (5 PM, Field 2)

The Jrs… Reno American vs. Reno National (10 AM, Field 6)

I’m seeing a trend there… 🙂

There will also be the 3rd place games on Sunday at 10:30 for the 10’s, 1:30 for the 11’s and 4:00 for the 12’s, all on Field 4


I believe it is my sporting obligation to choose the “bat on ball grand slam” as today’s Photo of the Day! 🙂 How can ANYONE argue with THAT call? 🙂Carson Valley Little League

The 2016 Nevada District 1 All Star Tournament… Day 8

Getting down to just a few teams left in the hunt for the championships for each age division… Some really close games tonight along with some really great plays!  Well done players!


Have to go with this one tonight for Photo of the Day… I wasn’t on the ball enough to actually get the play he made but a huge ball of dirt swallowed him… but he made the play and kept the ball in the infield! 🙂


The 2016 Nevada District 1 All Star Tournament… Day 7

Day 7 down… If you were out at the park tonight you witnessed a great game between the Reno National 12’s and the Reno American 12’s… great game!  Should be a teaser for what’s still to come in the tournament!


The Photo of the Day comes from that same game… the first baseman made the play, the runner was out, just liked the out of balance look in the photo of the 1st baseman, fun stuff!Reno National Little League