Carson High vs. Douglas High Basketball, January 26, 2016

Carson Douglas always brings a crowd… tonight was a little disappointing to me but I get that it’s Tuesday night and there are a lot of things going on….

The Carson Boys continued their dominance of the Northern Region and extended their league record to 11-0 with a win tonight over Douglas.

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The Carson student section is always entertaining… :)160126_7645

Jaden is always a force in the paint…160126_7648

Carson High vs. McQueen High Basketball, January 8, 2016

It’s good to be back at Carson High!  That sounds kinda strange but it’s been some time since the last home football game in November… and while I’ve been at the school to take team photos, it’s nice to be back seeing some action! :)

The Boys haven’t had many home games yet this year due to some… well, I’ll call it “creative scheduling”… but they’re on a roll this year and they’re fun to watch, they play hard and last night, although the score seemed a little lopsided, they kept the pressure on and wouldn’t let McQueen get any taste of making a run… it was a very pleasant surprise to come back to!

A quick shout out to Kyle, nice job on your “estimate”, I’ll give you the one point! :)

Here are some images from the evening.  If you can get out to some games, I’d highly recommend it, this is a fun team to watch!!  They play the rest of their home games on Tuesdays for the balance of the season… Damonte, Galena, Douglas, Wooster, Manogue (those are the next five Tuesday’s in order…)… Hope to see you out at a game!

Tez Allen Carson High Basketball Asa Carter Carson High Basketball Jayden DeJoseph Carson High Basketball Jayden DeJoseph Carson High BasketballCarson High Basketball Carson High Basketball

Thank You Jeff Gordon…

Jeff Gordon Wins the 2005 Daytona 500
Jeff Gordon wins the 2005 Daytona 500

Back in 2005 the stars aligned for me and I was in Florida for a photo convention during the 2005 Daytona 500… I was already a huge NASCAR fan and a HUGE Jeff Gordon fan so the opportunity to see him race on a track I dearly love was just too good of an opportunity to pass up… and with very short notice I called to see if they had a ticket…. A single ticket, come to find out was simple to get, if I had wanted two or more, together, there was no chance, but a single ticket, no problem!  Could it get better?  Yes!  Yes it did!  He WON!!!  Right there before my eyes… and yes, I had my camera and this was the single shot that I wanted to get.. and yes, it took me some time to get it but I’ll forever cherish it.

Today marks the end of Jeff Gordon’s on track career and I just want to extend my own thank you.  Whether you like NASCAR, Jeff Gordon or anything about racing or not, there’s no doubt he’s been a true professional and for that he will always be (and has always been) my favorite NASCAR driver.  I’ve been busy lately and haven’t had much opportunity to watch much NASCAR anymore but I always keep tabs on how he’s doing in the championship and for each race… I’m going to miss that…

For being the fantastic professional that you have, Thank You Jeff Gordon!  I hope you win today and ride off into the sunset with your 5th Championship!


2015 NIAA State Championship Soccer @ North Valleys High

What a beautiful day for soccer!  The weather was perfect, the pitch was in good condition the crowds came out for the games, what a great atmosphere!IMG_3877.JPG

In the Girls match had the Arbor View Aggies against the Coronado Cougars.  The Arbor View Aggies were going for their fourth straight state title… they had already put up seven goals against the Northern Region Champion Bishop Manogue in the state semifinal round and wasted no time getting to work attacking against the Cougars… in the end the relentless attack of the Aggies proved to be too much for the Cougars and walked away with a 2-0 win to give them their fourth Nevada State Championship in a row. Here are some shots from their game.151114_4578 151114_4644 151114_4651 151114_4704 151114_4722 151114_4746

The Nevada State Division 1 Champion Arbor View Aggies!151114_4867

The Boys game saw a rematch of the Northern Region Championship… and the game ended in the same score for the same team, the Carson Senators defeated the Wooster Colts 2-1 with an golden goal overtime goal to grab the Nevada State Championship!

Anytime these two teams meet it’s all all out battle and Saturday’s game was no different.  Overall I’d say it was well played… could have done without some of the “chippy-ness” but that can come easily in big games… 151114_4888 151114_4903 151114_4938 151114_5000

The Nevada State Division 1 Champion Carson Senators!151114_5122