Swim Action… High Country Championship Swim Meet

Here are some shots from today… this first one was my test shot… a shot that I take every event we do… I just typically “kinda” aim the camera somewhere… quite literally I just point it somewhere, just holding it in my hand, not looking through the viewfinder… and click… well, this is what came out of the camera!  We liked it… so I kept it!  What I like the best about it, 100% unintentional… is that I’ve got the Lane 4 Blocks… if I was going to compose a shot like this, the Lane 4 blocks would be the one that I’d want… dumb luck sometimes makes something nice!

Some race action!  Each of the strokes for a little variety.  I’m doing something “different” tomorrow at the  tent… We always have samples… I’m bringing a “different” sample tomorrow for a change… I’m anxious to see the reaction.  Maybe make a “splash”!  🙂