The tournament continues…

Come on out this weekend and enjoy the All Star Tournaments!!  The 11-12 year olds start up Saturday… maybe your team will make it to the World Series!!

See you out there!!

I’m feeling much better… tired, but feeling better, was able to run for the first time tonight after surgery… for those that have seen me running around the fields before… a lot of ground to cover tomorrow!!

I want to give a big thank you to Cat Allison of Nevada Photo Source for helping me these past few days, I had a great time shooting with you!!  Thank YOU!!

All Star Action, Carson City, NV

Hello all!

Last night started the Nevada District 1 Little League All Star Tournament at Governor’s Field in Carson City, NV.  Come on out to see the great baseball being played; three age levels, four fields, a lot of baseball!!

I’m still on the mend but feeling much better, not 100% yet but close.

Cat Allison of Nevada Photo Source (most of you know her from the Nevada Appeal…) is out helping out for a few nights.  You all know the great work she does… stop by and see what we can create for you!

Here’s a shot from last night’s action.  Be sure to watch our Facebook page (search for instaimage) and follow us on Twitter… you just might find some worthwhile discounts if you catch me in a “giving” mood!  🙂

Speed bump…

Hello everyone!

Had a bit of a speed bump hit us starting Sunday.  After enjoying a nice Father’s Day, breakfast with CCLL at their Pancake Breakfast and going to the Stewart School Indian Festival and enjoying a GREAT rib dinner at home…  I started to feel awful… long story short, just got back from the hospital, I’m now appendix free!  Emergency appendectomy Tuesday night, two nights in the hospital due to the severity and the doctor’s concern…

So… I’m on the mend, hoping to be somewhat back to “normal” come tournament time July 7th… more on that soon!

Action Schedule…

June 7th  CVLL Tournament Action

June 8th CVLL Tournament Action

June 9th CCLL Tournament Action

June 10th CVLL Tournament Action

June 12/13 CV Softball Tournament

June 14th CCLL Tournament Action

June 15th CCLL Championship Game

June 16th CVLL Championship Game

June 17th STLL Tournament Action

June 18th STLL Tournament Action

June 19th STLL Championship Game

Good Bye Mr. John Wooden, the world’s a better place because of you!

Friday June 4th the world lost one of the greatest men of all time.  If you’ve never read, heard or known anything about Mr. John Wooden I would highly recommend heading to the bookstore or anywhere you can find a book about him or by him… buy it, it’s worth the money.

Having known who Mr. Wooden was for quite sometime already, I was greatly privileged to hear him speak at an IBM Sales Kick Off meeting that I attended during my time at Big Blue… WOW.  That’s all I can say.  He was a tremendous man; inspirational to the very core of his being and he wanted to share that with everyone.  He will be remembered in a great number of hearts and minds.  Thank you Mr. Wooden for the mark you’ve made on the world.

Action Schedule…

We’ve been very busy trying to get all our league shoots printed and delivered…  I haven’t had a chance to get out much and shoot action… it will all be starting with a fury this week…

Tuesday, June 1st, CVLL Major Cardinals vs. Pirates

Friday, June 4th, CCLL Farm Giants

Saturday, June 5th, TAHO Swim Club (South Lake Tahoe Swim Center) all day

Saturday, June 5th, CCLL Minor Cubs

Sunday, June 6th, TAHO Swim Club (South Lake Tahoe Swim Center) all day

Monday, June 7th thru Friday, June 11th CVLL, CCLL or STLL (schedule not yet available… will update as it becomes know…)

Saturday/Sunday, June 12/13  Carson Valley Girl’s Softball Tournament

See you out at the fields!!

Carson High Varsity Poster

After attending and photographing six games and a lot of Photoshop work… it’s done!  All 17 of the fellas in the top action section and the individual photo from photo day as well with names and numbers.

To the team, thanks fellas for welcoming me into the dugout!  I hope this will be something to help remember and cherish your years playing ball for your school.

Contact me for orders.  We’re doing 16×20 or 24×30 prints.  Remember, 30% of the sale of these posters will go back to the team!!

Baseball and… Snow?

Mother Nature… are you kidding me!

I was supposed to shoot the Carson JV Baseball team and deliver Carson Varsity Posters tonight… but I woke up to 6 inches of SNOW on the ground!!!  Supposed to be 70 degrees by Saturday.  Ahhhhhh, Spring time in Northern Nevada!  Still waiting to hear if the games tonight are cancelled….

High School Baseball Action Shoots…

Yikes!  We just figured out that I’ve got the next three days to get the majority of our High School Baseball shooting completed!  Our schedule and the two high school schedules aren’t friendly with each other so here’s the next three whirlwind days!!

Thursday April 1st  Carson High Varsity at Home

Friday April 2nd Carson High Jr Varsity at Home

Saturday April 3rd Douglas High Varsity and Jr Varsity AWAY at Bishop Manogue (double header, I’ll cover one game of each team)

See you out at the field!