Carson Douglas Freshman & JV Football…

Rivals… I’m sure books could be written about historic rivals of all ages… As we all know, the Carson Douglas Rivalry is one of those for the ages. ¬†Tonight the Douglas High Freshman team tore up the Carson High Freshman teams and then the Carson High JV team tore up the Douglas JV team… the best of three is at a tie going into the all important Varsity game tonight at Carson High… No matter what, there will be A LOT said about tonight’s game, so many expectations, so much “rivalry”.

This game¬†should have the best “game atmosphere” available in Northern Nevada tonight.

Here are some images from the Freshman and JV games played Thursday.

The Douglas Freshman…

… and the Carson JV…

You can talk all you want about rivalry… this photo nails it…!

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  1. Just wanted to say THANKS for your awesome photos each week. My son is a Carson JV player who has been delighted to see himself and his teammates in your shots. The JV team is having a great season, and this just puts icing on the cake. Thanks!!!!!!

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