2013 NIAA Northern Division 1 Football, Carson vs. McQueen

I heard 1989 being thrown out tonight… Carson hasn’t won against McQueen since 1989…. And in a remarkable fashion Carson “gritted” it out tonight for a 19-6 win over the Lancers! This one will be remembered at Carson High for some time…

Well what a night! ┬áThe night started out giving us a little “refreshment” from the sky… it poured for awhile and the game got under way 20 minutes late due to a lightning strike… but just as we were all making our way back to the field we were treated to this…instaimage_130913_Carson High Football_Rainbow

… and this… you just can’t stand there and NOT take a photo of this stuff… I mean, come on, it’s beautiful!!

instaimage_130913_Carson High Football_School

When the game starts out like this… (notice the McQueen player launching himself to tackle Joey…) you know it’s going to be a “gritty” game…!
instaimage_130913_Carson High Football_JoeyRun

Nevin was a battering ram tonight… working his way “through” people, why bother going around just bowl them over… or pick them up…instaimage_130913_Carson High Football_NevinRun

And the hits kept coming from Carson… the fellas played with a lot of heart tonight, it was really great to see and be a part of… Here Andrew made a cracking tackle late in the 4th quarter to stop McQueen.instaimage_130913_Carson High Football_AndrewTackle … and all of that great football lead to a lot of these happy faces… Toga… maybe you’re on to something? ­čÖéinstaimage_130913_Carson High Football_Crowd… and a final score… two touch downs, a field goal and a safety. ┬áCarson certainly had McQueen’s number tonight… a game which saw a lot of run plays and some tough gritty defense… what fun!
instaimage_130913_Carson High Football_Score