Carson High Freshman Football tonight…

A good night!  A great way to end the season! Here are a few shots from the night, you can check out the rest of the Freshmen’s year at the link for Carson High on the side.

Love this shot!  Maybe it’s a photographer thing… 🙂  something different, a player that’s pretty tough to get a good shot of given he’s typically in direct contact most of the “action” moments of a game…

Colby made his mark on this game tonight… a couple touchdowns… some great action runs for me to shoot… Thanks Colby!  🙂

Brady running the ball….

And a close up shot… see the bottom for my comments about shots like this…

Tonight I was very pleased with the shots I got… the “beauty” of shooting the Freshman and JV teams is that for at least the first quarter, longer earlier in the season… but the sunlight is low in the sky and shinning across the field… and if you’re patient, the players will turn into the sun so you get them in a nice warm “glowy” light… makes for some GREAT images…  The image above with Colby, you can see the sun lighting up his face…. that’s great light!

The second thing of note tonight… I’m shooting with a fixed focal length lens… meaning, there’s no “in lens” zoom… the “zoom” is your feet… so you have to make a decision… the guy’s running right at me, what do I do… I can’t get up and run down the field faster than he is with the lens and continue shooting… so… keep shooting and you get SUPER tight shots like the last one posted here….

Now… I don’t know if any of you have noticed any “changes” in my photography this year… well, back in early September I was at a photo conference and picked up some new ideas, some new things to try… I hope it’s been an improvement.  I’m feeling better about my work, I’m hoping that it will equate to additional business… and even potentially some “bigger” things in my future.  Stay tuned!

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