Carson High Football tonight… Senior Night…

Besides it being VERY cold… I’m not quite sure how the night could have gone better tonight.  Both the JV and Varsity walked away with wins, giving BOTH undefeated regular seasons!! Well done fellas!!

The night started early with the JV beating Reno… then the Senior Night introductions with the players and parents… and as you all know, Steven and Keegan would have been seniors this year so the team framed the two boy’s home jerseys and presented them to the parents.  A very tough thing to deal with… for everyone… I’ve never heard it so quiet on the Carson side as when they were presenting these beautifully framed jerseys, the presentation was very much appreciated by the parents.  Still some of the strongest people I’ve run across….

Let me throw in one JV photo before we get onto the Varsity… some more of that nice light I was talking about in yesterday’s post….

And the Varsity…

Carson’s first touchdown… by Chance Q.You know he’s fast when he has Road Runner dust coming up from his shoes! 🙂

And a happy Coach with a few seconds left to play….