Busy photo day… Baseball, baseball, softball…

One “park” three games… whew!  Kicked it off with Carson vs. Douglas Varsity Baseball… then onto Carson vs. Douglas Jr Varsity Baseball… then onto Carson vs. McQueen Jr Varsity Softball… and I survived the wind…  Wow was it blowing tonight!

Carson vs. Douglas kicks off again on Saturday with SIX games!!!  Douglas hosts baseball, both Varsity and JV and Carson hosts a double header for both Varsity and JV… pick your poison and get out and support your team!!  I’m somehow hoping to catch a little of both… not sure how that’s all going to go but we’ll see….

Here’s some action from today… and of course there are a lot more on the site, check Current Events to the right… and pick your school or choose leagues & events at the top…

Start it off with the National Anthem… I love these photos… I LOVE being at the park and hearing the Anthem… I think it’s a very powerful thing… I don’t think most people really think about it while it’s playing, we’re very luck to be standing there at the park listening and enjoying the day, the game, our lives… Thank you to those over our Country’s history that have made that possible!!

We’ve got one week to go and these are my first photos of Colby pitching this year!  He’s pitched on the road mostly and one make up game at home that I missed… Hope I got the shot!  🙂

Walker looking to the dugout for the pitch selection… mom’s love this shot!  I really like this one too.

JV Baseball pitching… Thank you to the White family!  Hope you like these of Chase.

… and round it off with some softball action… The Carson ladies went extra innings tonight…

Always nice to see a smile out there!

I love the dynamics of softball… there’s ALWAYS something to be paying attention to when you get up to the higher levels… here the catcher’s throwing to first to try to catch a runner off guard… fun stuff to watch!

… and last… some ball and bat action from the girls!  Had to pick two… there are more!  Check the links to see the rest!