A new experience for me… Carson High Bowling

A friend at Carson High mentioned to me, all the way back during football season… that he bowled for Carson High… well, I had NO idea Carson had a bowling team!  So after a lot of schedule conflicts I finally made it out to one of their “events”… and what an education!  Here are some images from last night… They may not want to remember yesterday’s match, although I’m guessing they’ll come back next year with some vengeance… but Carson lost last night 23-22 to the Reed High Bowlers…

For those of you that understand bowling and high school matches you “get” why this score is significant… for those of us bowling “ignorants”… they play a series of games, three vs. three, and they “share” ten frames rotating between the three players per team… after all these games are played the scorers then count the total number of pins knocked down… so you have win/loss per game then total pins knocked down… after all that counting, Reed came away with the win…. … and this is significant because Carson has won for the last 10 years… so a tough loss for Carson last night…

I took the whole family with me last night, we had a good time and would like to thank the bowlers and families for welcoming us!!  It’s always nice to be places where people are so great to be around!!

Here are some shots from the evening… the rest are at the link on the side for Carson High Athletics… (I’m hoping to be a little on the ball next time and get the organizers to let me put a remote camera down by the pins and shoot back at the bowlers… something to work on…)

I love how high this fella gets that follow through leg up… it’s above his head! 🙂

Well done everyone!  And a very big good luck to those moving on next year!!