2012 NorCal Mite Jamboree… South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena

This past weekend the South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena (and Tahoe Sports & Entertainment) hosted the 2012 Mite Jamboree Hockey Tournament.  Saturday the played three simultaneous games cross ice, this was something completely new for me shooting… can’t say I was a big fan as it meant throwing out all I know about shooting hockey and more or less just winging it for the day… each team played six 20 minute games with a running clock and shift changes every two minutes…  Sunday went back to “normal” hockey.  I say “normal” because there were some kids playing for different teams but still in their own team jersey… that was interesting, there were times when there were up to three different team jerseys on the ice at one time…. 🙂

Always fun to watch and shoot… here are some images from the weekend… the gallery can be found at the link on the side or under League & Events under Hockey Tournaments.

A “clank” off the post for a GOAL!!!!

… and here’s some great after dinner debate… is that puck hitting his stick?  🙂