2015 Nevada District 1 Little League All Star Tournament, Day 6

Day six is in the books… the competition is escalating with each round… tonight I saw something I’ve never seen on the little league fields (this is our ninth year doing Little League All Star Tournaments in Northern Nevada… so I’ve seen a few games along the way…)

This shortstop backhands the ball, which I’ve seen countless times… but without hesitation he swings his left arm (with ball in glove) back toward second base and lets it fly back to the second baseman who was in position to record the out… very impressive young man… and with no effort whatsoever! 🙂  It doesn’t show as well in stills but I have the entire series if you want to take a look in the RALL gallery… Here is the backhand and the ball on it’s way to the second baseman.

Photo Gallery LinkReno American Little League All Star Reno American Little League All Star